Day 33 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

It is a fine sunny day here in the Highlands of Scotland, I can feel the waves crashing upon the shore down from our home, the seagulls are squawking their chorus for all to hear and the coffee is brewing strongly in the French Press.

I was pondering the nature of these blog posts, what motivates me to record words, musings, inspiration and practices on a day to day basis like this. I guess it is part of my continuing spiritual journey, and how I like to express myself, both personally and as a practitioner, and as a mentor and teacher.

I have been journaling and writing poetry and prose for years. I used to skive school to sit by the sea, in the sand dunes, in the forests and tucked amongst the columns and arches of our local Abbey, to write and ponder the meaning of life.

Now, in this manner, here on this blog, I get to share some of inspiration and thoughts on a day to day manner with you.

As I recently started studying A Course In Miracles, it felt like a good place to start sharing daily like this.

I thought today that I would share some of what my Spiritual beliefs mean to me.

My Spiritual beliefs mean to me that having faith in the Power Source of Infinite Life and endless possibilities enables me to go about my day to day life filled with wonder, love, joy and a feeling of total connection to All that IS.

From this place of connection, it infuses my experiences with a depth of meaning, awareness, understanding and trust, and as a reference point for how I am in life, what actions I need to take, and which beliefs are needing to be renewed.

I find myself increasingly aware of the meaning of life and how it inspires me to be more alive, trusting and open to the truth of all phenomena, energy, spirit and matter.

As time progresses, I find myself evolving and deepening or rather expanding my world view, my access to 'spiritual' experiences and expression, and my own needs and desires.

By having a daily practice, I can 'drop in' and see where things are at. However, to me, this isn't about my spiritual beliefs and more of a discipline from which to grow and evolve from, which in turn enhances and encourages my willingness and ability to go deeper into the experience of God.

Having spiritual beliefs, therefore, to me is not about daily practice, but about the Ever-Present Awareness of the Universal Intelligence which informs everything.

The more aliveness I feel and experience, the more I am able to access States of bliss and surrender. And at times of harrowing human experiences or times of sadness, upset or disconnection and disharmony having a spiritual awareness points me back in the direction of wholeness, back on the 'right' track; thus, becoming a reference for wellbeing on all levels of being-ness.

These beliefs, therefore, deliver an internal strength and resiliency which I call upon time and time again.

My spiritual beliefs enable me to really feel a part of the wholeness of everything, at One with life, God and others. Therefore, never alone but the living breathing manifestation of the Divine.

From this sense and awareness of connectedness I am inspired to do what I can in this world of ours, to be in turn a source of inspiration to others, to do my part in the rousing of the planetary consciousness, so that we may all birth into being a brighter, more elevated conscious awareness of the power we all beautiful part of.

I believe that the deeper we each go into elevating ourselves energetically the brighter the future looks for humanity and our global earthly health and wellbeing. When we ‘heal’ ourselves of disconnection then our planet, the source of our manifest needs will be met, and we will no longer strip ourselves or mother nature of our and her inherent bounty.

The more I connect to the Divine the more I feel Divinely guided, led and supported and inspired to be a brighter, more gracious, abundant, energetic, audacious version of my best true self.

And for you, what inspires your own spiritual growth and awareness? Have you had any experiences that have triggered a need to know and understand more, or to surrender to greater planes of experience?

“For beyond the past and future, where you will not find it, it stands

in shimmering readiness for your acceptance.”

- A Course In Miracles

I love this quote (above), all that we desire is right here in this moment. All we need do, is cast off the veils for knowing it as so.

And here, nicely timed is Lesson 33, ACIM. There is another way of looking at the world.

May you look at your own world in newfound ways, with the light of love and ever deepening connection to the love of the One.

With my love for you,

Charlotte xx