Day 26 Awakening Grace and Miracles - my Journey with A Course In Miracles

Good morning, lovely,

My goodness I find myself at day 26 of writing here daily!

How are you today?

I started my morning bright and early with meditation and intention setting, and a delicious big mug of hot water and lemon, beautiful music in the background and journaling.

Now, I am here with this beautiful crisp white page, and with you, with me.

I have a fresh coffee brewing in the French Press, Green Mandarin and Lemon essential oils in the diffuser, and a blanket tucked around me.

We have been living here in our new home for 7-weeks now, and my goodness there have been so many changes! The saga of being connected consistently through a steady Wi-Fi signal is ongoing, and therefore I am in the process of re-feeling into all of my work and how best to be of service, I have papers and notes spread all around me as I type.

It is a process of clearing, clarifying and realigning, of creative solutions and determination to evolve and transform in the ways that are in service to the Highest Good of all concerned.

Perhaps you find yourself occupying these same trains of thoughts, feelings, questions and choosing again in this moment to best represent your current and onwards direction in life?

My heart is feeling full of love and possibility, of the adventure that unfolds in periods of change and, my heart, too, is gladdened by the incredible people I am connected too.

Where does your heart and mind wander when you allow it to dream up your best life yet? How does it feel? And what, by way of interruptions to the dream, do you find yourself thinking or rejecting, and believing is possible?

This is the journey I am on right now.

Feeling into all of the hidden spaces, wandering down the well-trodden paths in my mind of what my limited perceptions tell me is possible and what is not, and locating the roots to those beliefs.

Connecting with my inner child, and giving her the love, attention and guidance she most needed when young and vulnerable and impressionable.

Have you done any inner child work?

It is mightily powerful.

As you know, if you have been following on for a little while now, I am self-studying A Course in Miracles. I am absolutely loving the daily lessons, it’s a part of my daily sadhana practice (along with meditation and various Ayurvedic self-care practices, and embodiment practices).

Today we land on lesson 26, of ACIM, and it states this: My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

The definition of the word invulnerability in the oxford dictionary is:


The fact of not being able to be harmed or defeated.

OPPOSITE of vulnerability.

We practice this lesson to understand that vulnerability or invulnerability is the result of our own thoughts.

“Attack thoughts and invulnerability cannot be accepted together. They contradict each other.”

- A Course In Miracles

The Course, states, that nothing except your thoughts can attack you. Nothing except your thoughts can make you think you are vulnerable. And nothing except your thoughts can prove to you this is not so.

During this lesson we are prompted to home in on an area in our own lives where we are not experiencing the outcomes we desire, or rather where we are experiencing concern.

We explore this with the prompts, I am concerned about ___________. I am afraid ______________ will happen. And round off the self-enquiry with, that thought is an attack upon myself.

If you would like to explore vulnerability, I highly recommend the work of Brené Brown. She is a professor, author, and researcher specialising in the study of vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. She has a great documentary on Netflixs and one of the most watched Ted talks.

vulnerability is defined as uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.