Day 25 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

How are things with you today?

It has felt like a wild ride of changes and varying emotions of late, perhaps for you too …?

Today the clocks moved forward an hour, sweet bliss to have an extra hour in bed, and even more blissful was the fact that I managed to stay asleep the extra hour … most unlike me! I am usually up and about very early, tending to the needs of my innermost self before the rest of the house awakens.

Have you been sleeping well?

I am grateful for the extra bit of shut-eye, as I have been pretty restless at night this past week or so, and therefore drawing strongly on certain practices to support my nervous system to calm down. Namely pranayama practices, using essential oils and meditation.

I shall be creating a FREE 7-day video course this week (more on that another day), to share with you some of these valuable practices.

Yesterday’s lesson, lesson 24, from the Course, felt like a meaty one for me, I dug deep, did the work, and felt some shifts. Isn’t it incredible that there are so many fabulous resources in the world to support our growth, transformation, and healing?

It takes great courage to show up and ‘do the work’ as we like to say, and it is absolutely worthwhile! Even if it feels a little gnarly at times.

The deeper we dive into our own growth and transformation, with compassion, the more fully we can show up for others in a clearer more compassionate way.

“Teach only love, for that is what you are.”

- A Course In Miracles

Have you been engaged with your own spiritual evolution?

I would love to know how it’s going. Please reach out if you feel called to.

I had such a gorgeous walk with my youngest son today, it was terribly cold as we meandered through the countryside, we chatted, and laughed and made plans together.

Simple heartfelt pleasures are the best eh!?

We hardly saw anyone about today, and of course, we were all respectful of protecting one another, with the social distancing regulations.

What I am enjoying seeing this past week, with more parents being at home, is families with younger children outside enjoying their time together and some much-needed fresh air. It is beautiful to see this noticeable shift in our society.

Kealan, my son, and I are loving exploring the local environment on our daily walk together, this is a real gift and an opportunity in moving somewhere new.

Not only do we get to explore the neighborhood and outlying areas, but we also get to explore ourselves in a new environment.

We rub up against ourselves in new ways, which can be rather enlightening! Especially if the environment you find yourself feels very different from the norm.

The place we are currently living feels like a close fit to me, it’s a joy and a pleasure to live here.

Oftentimes, during yoga classes, workshops or training I have led in the past, I have asked people to pick up their mats and move to another part of the room or the circle. So that they may experience themselves new, in a different place and space, besides other people.

We, as human beings, are rather habitual in our actions and behaviors. So, it is valuable to play with that from time to time, in safe spaces.

If we are habitually the person who moves to the back of a group, or in a corner, or prefers to be center stage and in the spotlight, it may be a challenge to our egos to experience something different.

This is where the beauty and power are when we are willing to feel into the discomfort, breathe deeply, practice self-compassion and lean into a space of learning about ourselves in new and meaningful ways.

We believe all sorts of things about ourselves and others, about certain situations and the rights and wrongs of things, by literally getting up and shifting our position, we may see things in a whole new light!

I like to do this with headstands too. For example, if I am troubled over something, or puzzling out an answer, or find myself stuck in a loop of thinking, I will hold the question in my awareness, take a few deep breaths and pop up into a headstand, to quite literally shift my point of view, to turn it on its head … it works a treat!

“What you believe you will teach.”

- A Course In Miracles