Day 24 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

Sending you love for our journey here together, for your heart, your soul, and all that you may be feeling and experiencing today.

I have had a beautiful morning replenishing my energy systems, soothing my heart, releasing some old beliefs that have been playing out in my sub-conscious and energy body, and feeling into pleasure.

How have you spent your morning? Has it felt nourishing and enlivening?

Is there something you could do today, just for YOU? For the sheer joy and indulgence of it? Something that will allow you to feel completely open and restored?

I have on in the background a playlist of my favourite classical music, and the scent of Ylang Ylang in the diffuser. Ylang Ylang is such a beautiful oil to work with, to come back to a sense of playfulness, joy, innocence and emotional connection. I am sipping a large glass of hot water and lemon to hydrate my cells and a blanket tucked firmly around me, it’s cold and sleeting outside.

I shall enjoy a walk along the shore in a little while, wrapped up very snuggly!

Are you managing to get out for a good bit of fresh air each day?

I find it is vital for my well-being, I have always had a lot of energy and the desire to commune daily with mother nature, no matter what the weather is doing, so a long daily walk has been part of my daily lifestyle for many years!

I personally like to have a sense of freedom and the ability to roam freely, to be able to come and go at will (commitments permitting), so I find being ‘officially’ confined more rather challenging.

Do you too?

How are you finding these times of social distancing and self-isolation?

I have had several nights now up prowling the house, times when I may have gone out for a late walk, or perhaps because I would normally have been out a couple of times to walk during the day, I am feeling it, it is an adjustment.

It has been interesting feeling my response to what is the best course of action, to be limited in the amount of outdoors activity, for the good of all global citizens.

There is no question intellectually and emotionally, and in my heart, of doing this differently, the desire to be a good, healthy, supportive citizen wins out always.

I find it fascinating that even when we know something is right and good and necessary for us, and ultimately for all, that it throws up all sorts of things for us to get comfortable with in ourselves, to transform and clear, to understand ourselves on a deeper level and to recognise what is out of balance and needs healing.

I suspect for many of us here that the current global situation is proving to be the perfect grounds for our spiritual practice, for our own Spiritual Awakening, and the Awakening of Consciousness on the planet.

I believe that if we dig deeper, access the tools that will support us in being open hearted, and full of vigour. If we use this time for personal development, to finally set in motion the things we have always wanted to study, achieve, and release. If we clear what is no longer in alignment with our Highest Selves and dream up a new paradigm of mutual loving support, then this time will be well spent.

Do you agree?

If we could believe that we are limitless and live in a limitless reality it could make all the difference.

If we are able to feel into the support and nurturance that is all around us and experience the safety that comes from that deep knowing, and use this as the ground from which we recreate, we may open and expand in the direction of our dreams.

We may find this challenging, I don’t know about you personally, but some of my dreams and goals have been seemingly conflicting, I am sitting today with feeling into the common ground that underpins all of my desires, so that from this place I may take aligned action in all that I do, create and explore.

Today is to be a day of going in and going deep!

I believe that we have encoded within our soul the blueprint for the life we are ‘meant’ to live, and our task is to release the veils and illusions that come from our familial, social and global consciousness conditioning.

So that we may ignite the truth of who we are and live from that place.

I remember that first time I really started exploring this was when I had my first child, the process went deeper and deeper with the birth of each of my three beautiful babies.

I knew that if I did as much healing and clearing work as possible, then it would mean that my child, and then my children, would have less to do in terms of healing and transforming their own consciousness. Of course, they would have their own ‘stuff’ to deal with, and the conditioning they would be experiencing within our own family set up.

But I knew deep in my bones that as parents, if we commit to a journey of spiritual awakening, then that would radiate out through our children, and over time through their children, and so on.

My task, back then (and ongoing), was to get very clear about who I am in truth; in essence, and to get clear, also, about the conditioning I had received, and question it.

To find out in amongst all experiences who I was and what I truly believed and felt was good and right and for the Highest Good of all.

Despite what I may have been being told or shown by the world around me.