Day 20 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my friend,

Today I am writing with mixed emotions.

Our government took the necessary step yesterday to enforce a lockdown of social and business activity to a bare minimum, essentially, we find ourselves in isolation in our own homes.

This step, to my thinking, is the right thing to do, so that we may all participate in helping to minimise the destructive impact of COVID-19, the virus that is sweeping the globe with devastating effect.

My heart is hurting for us all, but hopeful that as we all pull together in support of one another that more people will survive due to our combined efforts.

My elder children find themselves sitting out this global storm in lockdown in Thailand, I am missing them terribly. But so grateful that they are together, that they are well, and keeping themselves safe and informed.

The desire to be together, to hold them in my arms, and soothe their worries is strong, whilst myself and my youngest son are here cosied up together, making plans and enjoying our extra time together. This time together, despite the way it has come about is such a precious gift.

I hope that you too, are enjoying this particular silver lining with your loved ones at home.

For those of you who are single or alone, please reach out if you need someone to chat to. I know how tough it can be to be single and feel as though you are entirely alone.

My heart is also with the most vulnerable in society, the very young, the frail, those with

severe medical conditions and those with troubled home lives. My father has been told not to step foot out of the house for 12 weeks due to his own severe health conditions.

Living so many miles away from family seems even more poignant just now. My parents are in Cumbria, and I am in the Highlands of Scotland.

So many of us will be feeling the physical distance and separation more acutely at the moment.

May each of us in our own ways be of service, be kind and considerate to those less fortunate, may we adhere to the guidelines placed upon us in a bid to protect those that need us most.

I am immensely grateful for all our medical, care and service providers that are showing up daily in service to us all, despite their own fears, worries and genuine concerns for themselves and their families.

These are strange and difficult times.

My wish for you is that you, that we all, take heart, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life, in slowing down, in connecting more deeply with our loved ones, and in spending quiet time immersed in deep conversation with our own souls longing.

So that as we emerge again on the other side, we may create that which we truly desire.

Perhaps, we may learn to take things at a gentler, kinder pace, to let go of what no longer serves us as Individuals, families and societies, so that a new paradigm may be birthed through us all.

This is the time to get clear, to spend time in creative endeavours, to catch up on jobs in the home, to cook and play with the children, to write and paint and create beautiful music, to tend our gardens, mend our fences and clear our closets.

May this be a fertile time, for all of us, an ending and a beginning, a time to breathe hope into a future that we may all be proud of.

May this time be one of global compassion and sincere grieving for the losses so many of us are facing.

May we reach out across the airwaves and hold hands with those who need us most.

May we be brave and remain wide open to possibility.

May we find ways of keeping our hearts and minds open.

“What you desire you will see.”

- A Course In Miracles

The next lesson in ACIM may well help us in these endeavours.

Lesson 20, A Course In Miracles, I am determined to see.

The lesson today is designed to reinforce the remembrance that we do, in fact, want to see. By repeating the statement ‘I am determined to see’, we are stating clearly to ourselves, and the Universe, in this moment the intention to see clearly, to change our present state, and thoughts for a better one, for a state of being and awareness that we truly wish to embody.

Apply the statement regularly, in any situation, throughout the day in a bid to see things, people and experiences differently, and perhaps as they truly are!

Our mental state and mental strategies are going to be key in our survival, in our being able to remain strong and able to adapt in this current climate.

If you can, I would highly recommend introducing a 20-minute daily meditation practice to your routine, if possible, twice a day.

Meditation has been proven to balance our nervous system, which is particularly helpful if we are feeling worried, anxious or fearful, or perhaps just a bit irritated and frazzled.

Meditation has also been proven to boost our immune system, which is a vital step to our overall health and well-being, especially in these trying times.

Take care, remember to choose love in every moment and be the light.

With my love for you,

Charlotte xx

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