Day 19 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

How are you today?

I am sitting here, in a friend’s house, at a makeshift workstation, so that I may continue to connect with you in this manner, whilst still awaiting the installation of our home internet connection!

It has been an emotional week for me, in amongst the current social, environmental and economical concerns with the corona virus now, seemingly, affecting each of us indirectly and directly.

Many of us are feeling the effects from the current global state of crisis, lock-down, self-imposed isolation, fear, anxiety, disruptions to daily routines, work, income levels and indeed the social worry of contracting the virus from our fellow brothers and sisters.

It struck me yesterday, as I was shopping for a few essentials, just how much panic buying has occurred as people are sweeping through grocery stores and essentially wiping out supplies.

I was moseying along an isle, searching for a good, strong and tasty coffee for our French Press, when I noticed a fairly young woman nervously walking towards the coffee, she had a thick scarf wrapped over her face and was clearly nervous, as I reached down to pluck the packet of coffee off the shelf she leapt away from me, startled, I was struck by the fear I could see there in her eyes (perhaps this was just my own perception).

My heart went out to her, to all of us, to the suffering, the concern of contracting this viral predator, and how it is creating distance in our societal constructs.

It reminded me of how important it is to stay open hearted in times of uncertainty and duress, to challenge our perceptions and keep clearing our energy fields, so that we may, as much as possible, be free in our thinking, feeling, experiencing and behaviours.

With social distancing becoming an unexpected norm within our families and communities, it feels, more than ever before, important to keep as many avenues of connection and communication open as we can.

In this case my favourite go-to practices to foster and support openness are meditation, journaling, and EFT (if feeling emotionally overwrought), and challenging my own perceptions and ideas. Below you will find two simple practices that may be of support to you at this time.

I know that if I keep my own channels open, then I may be an open channel for others.

“What you perceive in others you strengthen in yourself.”

- A Course In Miracles

It is so important to honour ourselves by taking just a little time daily to tune in to and heed the messages of our body, to become aware that every cell in our body is a universe in and of itself.

Body bathing Bring yourself, for just a few minutes, to either a sitting or standing position.

Briskly rub your hands together, generating warmth. Let the breath drop deep inside your body.

Relax your face, your forehead your jaws.

Put your hands on the top of your head. Slowly begin to stroke down your head, face, neck, and down your body; as if you are massaging in a sacred ointment. Gently stroke your body, all the way to the feet. Hang down, bent over from the waist, for a few full deep breaths. Allow your upper body and head to be loose and heavy, your neck relaxed and free. Gently moving back up the body, ever so slowly, including the lower back, kidneys, your arms and face.

Completing the practise by softly resting your palms over your eyes. Take a moment to open deeply to and fully feel the sensations in your body.

Practising daily will bring wonderful rewards; namely a fuller embodied connection with one’s self.

From time to time, we may feel off kilter and like we are being tossed around in a sea of emotions.

At these times it is important to recognise when to work with specific practices to support our nervous systems, so that we may thrive.

By taking time to acknowledge our current physical, mental and emotional state, the quality of our thoughts and the emotional state we are occupying, we may address any imbalances.

The Empty Vessel Meditation for Emotional Wellbeing

Sit in a comfortable position; spine erect with your eyes softly closed (you may sit on a chair).

Notice how you feel, witness clearly your emotional state.

Do not try to intellectualise, just notice what those feelings are.

If these feelings are negative then gently acknowledge that, without judgement. Witness your body's reaction to these emotions, tightening of the jaw, shoulders and anywhere else. Now focus on your breath … the gentle rise and fall of each breath in turn. With your next exhalation think of yourself as emptying out, each exhalation, EMPTY, pour out the ‘negative’ emotions; anger, hate, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness.

With each exhalation, EMPTY, empty, empty … feel your jaw soften, and your shoulders


Say to yourself, I am an empty vessel. Stay with this for a few minutes.

Now choose which emotion you would like to feel.

Perhaps peace, contentment, love, happiness, joy.

As you inhale, say to yourself, I breathe in peace (or ‘positive’ emotion, and experience of choice).