Day 18 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello my beautiful friend,

How are you?

REALLY how are you, have you taken a moment to drop in and gently assess how your inner world is presenting itself today?

This is the day that we celebrate all mothers, the mothers who have birthed us, the mothers that we are, and we celebrate the mothers to be in becoming.

I believe that we are all mothers in some way or another, we give birth to new ideas, thoughts, visions, creations, and we birth ourselves into new ways of being.

We embrace the mothers who nurture us in so many other roles birthing their love in serving others with loving care, whether they have borne a child or not.

We feel for the mothers who have birthed and experienced the pain of separation and loss.

We celebrate the mothers who in this lifetime will not birth their own babies, and we applaud the mothers that birth new creations into the world after periods of creative gestation.

Some of us identify as mothers and many of us will not.

We do, however, have something in common, we were all birthed through the wombs of our mothers, loved, tended to, and raised upon this great spinning orb, our great Earth Mother, Gaia.

We each suckle the sweet waters of her flowing rivers and dig deep into her lands, her fertile earth for sustenance.

We bury our loved ones in her soils and rest our weary heads in her lap.

We travel across the rolling curves of her hills and valleys, and listen to the deep, almost imperceptible drumbeat of her heart.

We dance and sing, and speak in excited whispers to the divine mother, calling forth her wisdom, council and fierce grace.

We ignite fires to light our way, burning the trees born of her soils, and we till and toil her earthy fields where food aplenty provides us with edible plants, flowers, and minerals to support our very existence.

We build our shelters with Her rocks and stones, clay and soil, with glass and steel, we utilise her resources in abundance, so thatw emay feel safe, secure, at home.

We breathe the air of her lungs and find comfort in the circadian rhythms of her wombs heart centre.

Mother is all around us, indeed she is the very heart of us.

May each of you, no matter where you are on this sacred journey of motherhood, know that you are loved beyond measure, needed with every ounce of our fibre, know that without you none of us, in fact none of this exists.

May you take joy and pride in what you do and how you show up day after day, tired, spent and yet ready, willing to begin again.

May you see your birthed creations received with open arms and may you receive abundance for your troubles.

May you know that the children are you in your likeness, and that our hearts are your hearts, beating together as one.

May the mother goddess bless you, pour her sweet bounty upon you, and may you wear her garlands in your hair.

May each scar carved upon the soft flesh of your belly, and the sweeping curve of your hips be adored, admired, caressed and anointed, by you, by us all.

May each baby you suckle rise strong, resilient and open wide to love in all her forms.

May your heart be glad, and your body rested, so that you may rise, and rise again in service to us all.

May you feel our hearts with you today, and all days, in remembrance, love, joy, and awe.

In whatever way you may view, or how you seemotherhood, our thoughts are never neutral or unimportant. Our minds are joined in oneness, and therefore how we see things, our roles, and our experiences is important. A Course In Miracles says I am not alone in the effects of my seeing (lesson 18).

How we see or frame things is important as this gives rise to our experiences.

I personally see motherhood as the greatest blessing of my life, a privilege, and an honour.

How do you see your role as a mother? A carer? A creative, birthing new projects? A gardener, birthing plants? Someone who tends to and nurtures others in any way shape or form?