Day 17 - Awakening Grace/Miracles - my Journey with A Course In Miracles

Good morning, lovely,

My goodness I find myself at day 17 of writing here daily!

Time is flying by, and so many changes unfolding collectively in that time.

Are you well and finding joy in your life?

I have been pondering wellness today, health and well-being in all areas of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe that it is vital to our spiritual awakening to prepare the ground, so to speak, to encourage a resilient and healthy body and mind, so that we may thrive and both express and receive more vital energy; to be an open conduit for good.

So that we become a wide-open vessel for healing and connection throughout our lands; the individualised land of our body and the lands of Mother Earth, as, to my way of viewing things, we are one and the same.

As we do unto ourselves, we do unto the great mother, Gaia.

It is so important therefore, for our spiritual awakening both personally and collectively to tend the needs of our true selves in all areas, by addressing any imbalances we may be experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally.

This affords us a platform of grounded openness, of balance and harmony in all of areas.

As we awaken our spiritual potential, and become clearer conduits for Love, our lands will need to be tended, weeding out anything that disturbs harmony. We’ll need to detox our systems to make way for purer ways of being, detoxing our thoughts, emotions, body’s, ways of relating, and opening our perceptions to seeing things in clearer ways.

We shall need to unkink the hoses that have become clogged, tangled and knotted.

This is where our daily practices serve us, by taking time regularly to focus inwards, to rest, journal, open our hearts, pray, dance, eat healthily, open our body and start to express our truth in the ways we live our lives with heart.

This will go a long way to healing any discord on our planet and with others. We may venture away form separation into new ways of loving, and enjoying an emboldened life, inspired by our own heart’s desires.

“To heal is to make happy.”

- A Course In Miracles

In Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, they talk about how our doshas, our constitutional types, of which there are three, Vata, Pitta and Kapha come out of balance, and we must tend our needs by providing ourselves with the ‘right’ nourishment on all levels of being to bring ourselves back into balance.

Being, according to Ayurveda, a Pitta/Vata type I tend to be driven, fiery, creative, fluid and airy. My energy can go up and out very quickly, I burn for my passions and can push myself too hard, I naturally find it challenging to slow down, relax and simply be.

My journey this past few years was to recognise the imbalance and address it by providing myself with the time and space for grounding, relaxing; to draw in and down.

Being immersed in nature, practicing meditation, gentle yoga/embodiment practices, writing/journaling, being near and in water, easting nourishing warm earthy foods and drinking plenty of warm liquids serve me best. As does making sure that my environment is calm, welcoming and clear.

Of course, there are many times, and areas in my life that being rather Pitta/Vata dominant serve me well! For example, being self-employed, and the daily drive this takes to remain motivated, creative and on fire in my work.

So long as I don’t overdo it!

And I can assure you that this is no easy self-management task!

Have you explored Ayurveda? It can be rather enlightening.

I love the work of Laura Plumb if you feel inspired to check her out and do a quick dosha test, to find out your constitutional strengths and weaknesses and how to balance them.

In yogic terms we may talk about chakras, energy centres being out of balance or blocked. By this I mean either excessive or deficient energy is flowing through the chakras. Either too much energy, that it just spins out of balance, or not enough energy (deficient) so that not enough power is moving through the system.

I like to think of this a little like viewing a roundabout at each of the main chakra points.

A roundabout that is going far too fast spinning out of control, too much juice in the system, it becomes really difficult, and downright scary to jump off and let the energy flow elsewhere, and yet a roundabout that is stuck, or wedged in place nothing can happen, nothing is moving and stagnation occurs.

We need energy to flow in all direction for a healthy system, both the liberating, upward flow, and the manifesting, downward currents.

When this is occurring in balance we find that we have balance in our lives.