Day 16 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I have just finished my morning meditation, it was powerful! I felt so at ease, wide open to possibility, and full of trust that all is well with us.

Isn’t it wonderful that even amongst day to day concerns, and global worries, that we may also, if we are open and practiced at it, be aware of the immense beauty, love and joy throughout all aspects of life? And seek solace, inspiration and direction there?

Let’s face it there are huge shifts, fears and concerns on this spinning orb we call home, what with the environment, our great earth mother desperately needing us to tend her lovingly, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic multiplying daily.

Because of these concerns I have been extra committed to my daily practices. Meditating, shifting energy through my body with embodiment practices, using essential oils wisely to support my nervous system, having long happy walks, connecting with my family, being here with you daily, eating delicious nourishing foods and setting clear intentions. Along with looking at areas and creating connections where I may be of service through my work and otherwise.

There seems to be plenty to get on with on a day to day basis!

Have you created time, even just a few minutes a day, to drop in and feel into the energy back of all things, that which is Eternal, Present, Infinite, that which is Pure Love?

Would you like me to share some practices, meditations, prayers, or anything else here with you?

I had a beautiful vision in my meditation practice today. I was stood on a beautiful sand bar surrounded by the gently shimmering waters of a vast silvery ocean, I opened my arms and danced there, feeling myself open more and more to the beauty of life, my hair, in the vision grew longer, wafting in the breeze of energy that was picking up, my clothes changed to layers of white luminescent chiffon with threads of gold, my feet bare in the warm sand and my heart thrust wide open as energy built up all around and through me. Great rivers of energy flowing powerfully from the heavens through my heart centre and the rest of my body, it was immensely powerful, beautiful and reassuring!

“…can you really want the rewards of the ego in the presence

of the rewards of God?”

- A Course In Miracles

A little word on the word God!

I know that for many of us the word god can be challenging, depending upon our own beliefs, both spiritual, religious and otherwise.

For many years I wasn’t comfortable with using the word god, it had negative connotations attached to it. That is until I undertook the study of metaphysics. I came to realise, through my training, that the richly personal spiritual life I enjoyed from a very young age, the connection to something far greater to commune with and trust in could be represented by the word god.

And that this awareness, to me is separate from religion. I had associated the use of the word god with organised religion, which is perfect for those of us who choose to walk that path. Organised religion has not been mine, but engaging in spiritual law, concepts, awareness and connection has been a constant throughout my life. Something to draw on in times of adversity and struggle, something to focus on as an anchor to my physical existence residing here on Gaia at all times at once.

Gosh, I hadn’t been planning on getting into this today!

And how do we even summarise such a meaty topic in so few words!

I distinctly remember when I was about four years old sitting in one of my favourite places across the cow field from our home. I spent my early years living in the west country, playing on the White Horse at Cherhill, hide and seek amongst the stones of Avebury Stone Circle and Stonehenge, building dens in trees, building fires, picking mushrooms in the early hours and exploring, what to my young self, was a vast green landscape of farmers fields and bountiful hedgerows to engage with. I also had a very rich creative inner life.

Anyway, I digress.

Back to the story ... as a small child I walked across the field to a favourite place to sit and commune with nature, I have always loved being immersed in mother nature, there was an old tree there, quite rotten in places, yet beautiful, when there were rains a pool appeared, and often frogspawn and tadpoles in time. I was sitting here in the sun feeling peaceful and I had an overwhelming knowing that all is well, and that there is something much bigger at play that I couldn’t see, but I absolutely knew existed, I could feel it, and this is what to place my faith and trust in (this was an important moment, as for many of us things were not always easy at home).

This awareness has served me well throughout the following 40 years of my life, although, to be honest I sometimes, though very rarely forget to tune in and allow the divine to work through me.

Perhaps you find this too?

The need to grip tightly rather than surrender can be quite a lure to our egos.

“Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right.”

- A Course In Miracles

So, when I use the word god, I also mean, and use the words interchangeably, Mother Nature, One Mind, The Infinite, The Eternal, Divine Love, The Power, The Universe, Infinite Love, the Energy back of all things, Source … there are so many ways to express that which is Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient … please insert your word of choice whenever you read a word that doesn’t sit right with your idea of god, or your god of choice.

As we have no neutral thoughts, we can either see things as true or false, right or wrong, our way or their way. But there is a truth that exists at all times behind that.

Whether we think it true or think it false we are right! This is because there is always a reaction attached to every judgement that we make.

A Course In Miracles states, Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak. Those that are true create their own likeness. Those that are false make theirs.

If we take to be true, then we know that we, each of us have the power to create love or fear, through the energy reaction that comes from our thoughts.

If we can see that our thoughts are never neutral, we may feel empowered to choose again and create a life that we desire, by the power of our imaginings, and the energetic blueprint that is then expanded out into the field of pure potentiality around us. Each thought brings an emotional response, and it is this emotion, e-motion, energy-in-motion that creates the life we personally see and experience.

This is so, also, for the collective mind.

Lesson 16, from A Course In Miracles is this: I have no neutral thoughts.

If you fancy, spend a moment and play with this idea today, examine each thought you have in the space of a minute or so, and say to yourself, this thought about ____________________________ is not a neutral thought, because I have no neutral thoughts.

I would love to know how you get on with this exercise!

“A neutral result is impossible because a neutral thought is impossible.”

- A Course In Miracles

My feeling is that we are all needed to come together, as One Giant Mind, to connect to the invisible force that is back of all things, (God, Universe, Cosmos, Divine Love … ), so that we may create a new paradigm of loving support across the planet.

Do you agree?

With infinite love for you.

May the sun shine upon you and the moon guide your inner tides.

Charlotte xx

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