Day 15 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, lovely,

Today I write for us sitting here cross-legged on the floor in my living room, the diffuser on (with uplifting wild orange and frankincense oils), classical music drifting over me, as there is a heavy grey sky outside, I am snuggled warmly in a fluffy blanket.

I am feeling quite raw today, lots of emotions bubbling beneath the surface, and a real need to down sticks and head for a cave somewhere.

I may well do that later!

But, for now, I am here with you, as this is part of my daily sadhana. A commitment to my own spiritual path where I show up each day for myself through the practices I have chosen.

Do you have daily rituals to live by?

I find it immensely useful as an anchor point in the day, to really feel and experience myself in relationship to that which is a constant.

I was experiencing myself as very external and social yesterday, and by contrast much more introverted today, almost in absolute extremes.

I would consider myself to be a highly sensitive, yet confident, introvert. Therefore, I tend to need a lot of alone and quiet time to regroup within myself, to feel all the feelings, remain connected with my heart and soul, and be open and inspired with the divine.

Do you relate to this?

Perhaps you are more of an extrovert by nature and therefore are energised by being around people (among other things)?

It is, in many ways, not that useful to label ourselves, as these labels can become rather repressing of our need to express ourselves in multiple ways, especially when we are in a process of growth and transformation.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in these labels and identities that it can become such a powerful story in our lives, that it creates fear to move into other ways of being, relating and experiencing ourselves in this beautiful world.

“You are a mirror of truth, in which God Himself shines in perfect light.”

- A Course In Miracles

Today I am going to take plenty of time for self-care, after committing myself to just three hours work. I have been recording guided meditations and have one HERE for Radiant Health if you would like it.

I am feeling the need to walk along the beach and through the woods to get grounded and rest with yoga nidra in front of the fire and set a very clear sankalpa (personal intention) for the coming days. I shall journal and write poetry whilst sipping a rich cacao, listen to music, cook some delicious food and have a long soak in a bath – I may as the day unfolds throw all of this out, and be much more responsive to the moment!

How is your day shaping up?

Are you taking appropriate actions for your own mental and emotional wellbeing?

We hear the words ‘self-care’ bandied around a lot at the moment in the self-development world.

And rightly so!

We do need to practice self-care, daily, all day!

I believe that real self-care is taking care of our energy levels, our emotional health and our mental health. Yes, it is lovely to have a warm candle lit bath with essential oils, enjoy a massage, practice yoga, dance and have the occasional binge on Netflix, or cosy up to watch a film.

But, to me, real self-care is about going deeper, to really taking care of our primary needs, of our mental health and the kind of energy we are transmitting through our field, and clearing out of our sub-conscious programming anything that hinders or blocks us in life.

Self-care is tending to our self-talk, our choices and how we show up for ourselves and others. If we are full of toxic thoughts, behaviours and beliefs about ourselves, they will show up in the image of the world around us.

So, this is ultimately is what the rest of my day will look like, diving into my sub-conscious with journaling, setting a clear sankalpa based on my discoveries, and practicing yoga nidra as the day’s tools of choice.

“You cannot change your mind by changing your behaviour … but you can change your mind.”

- A Course In Miracles

This leads me on to todays lesson in A Course in Miracles; My thoughts are images that I have made.