Harbours, Safe Havens and Forgiveness.

Updated: Feb 15

Hello, my friend,

How are things with you, in your part of the world today?

I have been up for some time pottering about and enjoying sitting on the harbour steps with my morning coffee.

The tide was on the turn, the harbour, which fascinates me, it is a place of change, refuge and safety a place to navigate in and out of, as we either arrive, return to or leave from.

A harbour is a place to shelter, it empties and fills with regular cycles, guided by the presence of the moon informing the tidal waters within it.

Harbours are generally active spaces where humans interact with the environment in scurrying and often slowly contemplative ways, a safe haven for boats, where knots are tied and anchors dropped or set loose, a place to explore seascapes from and a place of eternal perpetual change as the tides rise and fall, swell and return again.

I find myself drawn daily to our beautiful and historic harbour, which was built in 1784, it is picturesque and a hub of daily activity with leisure seekers and local businesses and for the likes of me who are drawn to the magic of its ever-changing state.

A harbour to me is representative of our own natural tides and rhythms, its highs and lows, its activity and periods of rest. A harbour is a place to idle and a place of work.

Its complexity, just like our own complex states of Being rising and passing through us, the knotted ropes and smooth swell, the crashing waves and bobbing boats, we too shelter within us a huge array of experiences.

Today I am feeling contemplative, introverted, slow and in a space of watching, feeling and revealing.

How are you experiencing yourself?

Are you in a good space, open clear and like life is unfolding for your Highest Good?

Are there areas that still feel stuck, baffling and uncertain?

Are you feeling rested, energised and buoyant or flat, and uninspired?

I feel like many of us are still going through some stickiness emotionally as the continuing global pandemic and the changes that have been experienced by us are still keenly felt, with the residual internal emotional landscape to be navigated with loving acceptance.

This year has been full of change, uncertainty and concern for many of Earths inhabitants, we have seen a whole array of changes that require our consideration and emotional and energetic processing.

It is also a year of great possibility, a chance to get clear on what does and does not work for us. A time to take inspired action and a time to release what ails and causes toxic stress in our lives.

This past few months have been an invitation to get creative and bold in our actions and a time to gently withdraw and integrate.

Today's lesson from the Course, lesson 134, points us towards forgiveness, TRUE forgiveness, for me the most important aspect of forgiveness is ACCEPTANCE. When we accept a situation, set of circumstances, the past and other people in it and their entirety than the need for forgiveness may become obsolete.

I feel that if we are in a space of needing to forgive than we are still judging others, circumstances and ourselves.

When we come to a place of full and complete acceptance we are no longer swayed by what came before or what we perceive to be wrong.

Forgiveness from this place is now certain.

Today's lesson, from A Course in Miracles, is this, 'Let me perceive forgiveness as it is'.

"Love holds no grievances."

- A Course In Miracles

May we find it in our hearts to recognise that we are all One, that each encounter is a holy encounter, that as we meet and see another we meet ourselves.

Let us rest in the tender arms of patience and set ourselves and others free.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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