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Updated: Feb 15

Hello, beauty,

It is so lovely to be here with you after a short break from daily blogging. I was needing to honour my own cycles, despite the commitment I had made to show up here daily.

It is a beautiful experience to feel all the feels in relationship to commitments, expectations from self and others, and what is actually needing to be birthed and expressed, and what space is required to be held and stepped into personally, so that I may show up with more depth and integrity.

So here I am, mug of hot water and lemon besides me, beautiful music in the background and wishing to share with you about the latest social media craze about women supporting women.

🖤 #challengeaccepted 🖤

There has been a recent deluge of black and white images of women who are considered to be strong and supportive of other women being shared on social media as a stand in support of other women.

I was invited to show up too, to add my image to the sea of black and white beauties, hand in hand in solidarity with other women.

Before doing so I wanted to understand the backstory behind this latest social media craze.

The challenge originates in Turkey in recognition of and as a way of raising awareness of high, and escalating, rates of femicide in the country.

The peoples of Turkey wake up each morning to see a black and white photo, shared across all forms of media, of the women who have been murdered, mostly due to domestic violence.

I believe it is vital, if we wish to see a new world birthed with equality, soul, acceptance and heart at its core, to each do our part to raise awareness, be supportive and encourage other women to stand in their power, radiance, brilliance, beauty and vulnerability.

So this is for all of us who identify as woman.

This is for the mamas, the homemakers, the change makers, the artists, the carers, the business women, the sports women, the soul navigators, the adventuresses, the daughters, wives, sisters and soul friends.

This is for the feminine here on this beautiful planet who birth and raise our children, the ones who are engaged in creating a life of meaning and rise up in solidarity and infinite love of self and others.

🤍 May we know our strength. 🤍 May we know and demonstrate love. 🤍 May our hearts soar and our minds open. 🤍 May we seek and birth peace. 🤍 May we hold hands and stand together. 🤍 May we raise our voices in truth. 🤍 May we inspire one another.

I see you. I love you. I am here for you.

I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with beautiful, soulful, empowering and inspiring women.

I have been held close and challenged by the gifts of awake and conscious women who show up, in all manner of ways, with love in their hearts and openness in their wombs to be the change they wish to see in the world.

I have been supported and cried in the arms of the women who see me.

I have been and continue to be committed to unveiling the truth of my souls expression and doing my part in holding and supporting you too.

So that together we rise and deepen and open our hearts to create a life that nurtures us all as one global family.


A Course in Miracles teaches us this, 'I will not value what is valueless'.

As we become clearer about what is of true meaning for us in our lives, we begin to see what we may let go of to create space for more of that which is in true accordance with our souls desires to create a life of meaning, beauty and abundance.

This is when we start to align our lives with the deepest meaning and openness we desire to experience in alignment with our core values.

When we do the inner work to establish our values it becomes easier to release what is of no or little value to us. We get clear on what purpose the objects, people, ways of working, expressing and receiving have become apart of the woven fabric of our lived experience and how this plays out in our lives.

It is liberating to let go of what no longer serves our Highest Selves, to course correct as we go along and be the creative imagination that redesigns the trajectory of our lived experience.

It is empowering to show up in ways that are meaningful to our souls essence being revealed through our thoughts, actions, choices and relationships.

So if we believe in creating a life of meaning, integrity and love, if we value creating peace on earth and supporting others, then it is time for us to put our voices and actions to that which we value whilst releasing that which we no longer value, that which is inherently valueless to us.

Let us release the small stuff and home in on the meaningful depth and connection we truly desire.

"You do not want the world. The only thing of value in it is whatever part of it you look upon with love."

- A Course In Miracles

May we each of us have courage to birth our truth, hold one another tenderly, fiercely, and passionately with love in our hearts and trust flowing through our veins.

May we say NO when it is our truth and YES when it is right for us.

May we open to grace and receive all we need to become our clearest, most elevated, soul-led, balanced selves, inspired by a Benevolent Universe of Cosmic Infinite Potential.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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