Setting Intentions and KNOWING our Power.

Updated: Feb 15

Hello, my friend,

It is a joy to be sat here with me, with you, scattering words across this crisp clear page, which has been awaiting my engagement and direction.

Outside the sky is loaded with unshed raindrops, the washing machine whirring in the background and the sound of my son as he readies himself for his day stirring in the distance.

Writing words here upon this page is much like writing our thoughts, beliefs, values and energetic expression, impressing them upon Divine Mind.

We know that as we believe and set a value upon certain things we bring them into our individualised world of perceptions and experiences, this becomes our own relative reality.

This blank crisp page can be likened to Divine Mind, vast, ever-present, eternal and clear, it only has the meaning I ascribe to it, by informing it with these words.

Isn't it incredible to know that as we think and feel we create the world around us - YES - we are that powerful.

The Universe is ALWAYS responding to our every thought, feeling and values with a HELL YES.

We cannot see and experience that which is not in alignment with our current belief system and energetic vibration.

So, if we desire different results in our lives, we must set clear intentions upon One Mind, get clear about our values and needs, and raise and clear our energetic vibration to be a match for that which we now desire.

It helps, also, if we know our WHY for creating the new circumstances of our life.

Why do we wish to be healthier, wealthier and more successful? Why do we wish to up-level and redesign our relationships to be both a custodian, channel and expression of love?

When w know what our motivation is it becomes easier to set that as the intention for conscious living.

Get Clear

Know our Why

Release Limiting Beliefs

Raise our Vibration

Yesterday I had the great joy and pleasure to co-host an incredible Singing and The Chakras workshop with my dear soul-sister Julie Bale. It was potent, transformational, emotional and full of love and laughter.

Each participant explored their singing voice in relation to each chakra. We also engaged with energy work to balance our systems and connect with the voice, body, consciousness and energy in profound ways as every participant was encouraged to truly hold space for one another in their most vulnerable moments.

It was beautiful.

How did you spend your day?

'It is impossible to see two worlds, states A Course in Miracles, and I believe it to be so.

"What you see reflects your thinking."

- A Course In Miracles

This is why it is vitally important for us to expand our thinking, clear our systems and open our hearts to new ways of living and relating in this world, knowing that are indeed held within Divine Consciousness.

We can, if we choose to, create a life based upon the voice of our soul guiding us in ever-evolving ways, in celebration of who we are in truth.

Let us sing our hearts out and show the world who we truly are!

With my love,


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