Embodied Knowing and Choosing a Life We Love!

Updated: Feb 15

Hello, beauty,

I have been enjoying a gentle soul-filled morning, practising meditation and intention setting, setting our diffusers in motion as they waft out the gorgeous soothing aroma of lemon and lavender essential oils combined, having a lovely soul chat with a dear friend and student, and coffee sat beside the harbour with a family friend before settling down to my days work commitments.

I feel nourished and filled with meaningful soul contact with my loved ones and therefore ready for my day.

How about you?

How was the start to your day? Do you have a set rhythm or practices that support your fullness of being?

Have you spent soul contact time with yourself, dreaming up that which you wish to reveal, manifest and birth in the world?

I have found, from time to time, that it has been easier to know what I DON'T want rather than what I DO want.

Can you relate to this?

This is why it is vitally important to be practised at tuning into our own selves, and learn our responses to certain stimulus and ideas.

So that we may know when our body softens and relaxes when it opens and our breath deepens, that this is a YES for us, as an example. We may have a sudden surge of energy and vitality or a feeling of heart expansion and relaxation.

Perhaps a NO may be indicated through your body by a tightening of the solar plexus and constriction around the heart, or a contraction in the mind or your shoulders creeping higher towards the ears or perhaps experiencing a sudden wave of tiredness.

You may have a completely different response to perceived positives and negatives.

It is, I find, highly valuable to be intimately aware of our own responses by tracking them with a curious mind and a curious open heart.

When we know these responses we may start to shapeshift ourselves and our lives in responses to the HELL YESES that we experience through our finely tuned bodies.

In this manner, it becomes easier to be a witness to the lives we have created for ourselves and begin to re-imagine a life full of ease, grace and inspiration so that we live an enlivened expression of our own truth.

Let us be inspired by this quote from A Course in Miracles 'Beyond this world there is a world I want.

"There is nothing outside of you."

- A Course In Miracles

Let us co-create the world we wish to experience one conscious step at a time.

Let us dream big and follow the grand unfolding of our desires out into the world around us.

Let us know ourselves so intimately from a place of deep soul contact that we can choose again in every unfolding moment.

With my love,

Charlotte xx