Stillness of Mind and Deep Appreciation

Updated: Feb 15

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I am sat at a friends house writing today, there is a beautiful clear view of the sea spread before me and the smell of coffee wafting through from the kitchen. The seagulls are calling in the joy to be up there, soaring alive upon the sea breeze.

I have been placing my awareness upon each unfolding moment and the spaciousness that is readily here to tap into - even when life feels full.

By cultivating stillness of mind and energetic presence with a deeply appreciative awareness, this cultivates, in turn, equanimity and the ability to perform to our greatest potential in any given moment. No matter what life’s current challenges with a respectful reverence and meditative flow.

When we deeply connect to life and ourselves in this way we develop a deeper centred awareness of our essential self.

By truly connecting to and understanding ourselves we can apply this knowledge to the greater arena of our life and how we relate to others, ourselves, and the day to day commitments we must attend to, thus developing a symbiotic tool of self-empowerment.

I personally find that in this manner I may let go of preconceived ideas, ideal and demands upon things being a certain way.

I can let go of the outcomes, to live non-attachment to a pre-ordained plan and give my fullness to each unfolding moment, no matter what it entails.

When we let go of outcomes and open ourselves to other possibilities we are no longer held captive by the past, rather we become liberated beyond our former limitations and awakened to being fully, lovingly available and present to the next Divinely Guided right step.

"Your whole perspective on the world will shift by just a little, every time you let your mind escape its chains."

- A Course In Miracles

My question to you now, is what are you calling in, what sets your heart on fire and what course of action feels a little too edgy to contend with?

Know this - that is your path!

Are you courageous enough to tread there?


Charlotte xx

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