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Hello, my friend,

How has this day been for you so far?

I seem to be getting later and later with these sharing's at the moment, but alas, here I am with you finally today!

I had a beautiful time earlier today on a video call with my children who are still in lockdown in Thailand, they called to share with me the experience they were having in Chang Mai visiting temples.

My heart was overflowing with love and gratitude for these divine beings that call me mama and their generosity in sharing their delight in the unfolding of their adventure together.

Isn't it simply beautiful when loved ones reach out and share their hearts and experiences with us, especially as a surprise interaction?

Since then I have had some beautiful conversations with my parents and nephew, and friends, whilst pulling together various work projects, writing, creating and planning next steps.

I wanted to share with you a Spiritual Mind Treatment (sometimes known as Affirmative Prayer), I wrote a little while ago.

I highly recommend working with these prayers, intentions, treatments for 21 consecutive days, ideally morning and night.

You can write it out or read it quietly to yourself or out loud.

Observe your response to the words and intention.

Change any of the words as seems appropriate.

These prayers are potent - you will experience a shift!

Affirmative Prayer for Self-Love

Divine Love is abundantly Present within and throughout all experience, thoughts, action and manifestation.

I am one with Love. Infinite Love is mine to rejoice in. 

Love is not something that I create myself, it is a state of awareness which spreads gently through me as I contemplate Spiritual Oneness and Divine Love. 

Being One with the eternal energies of The Universe I accept that what is True of God, is true of me. I am the physical manifestation of Love.

I now choose to release all limiting beliefs, uncertainties, any sense of unworthiness or inferiority, and any lack of confidence; these are released to the Infinite Intelligence to resolve with Love. 

With the Light of Love as my guiding light all guilt and shame from the past which has been getting in the way of my loving myself deeply are softly dismantled, let go of and dissolved across all time, space and reality.  

There is a place deep within me where I am wide open to the Infinite, where I know in truth that I AM LOVE, that I can express this Love inwards towards myself.  

Love is the answer to my every need. The Omnipotent, Compassionate Love of Divine expresses in and through me, guides me, protects me and fulfils all the desires of my joy-filled life.

There is no problem on earth that this Power cannot heal.

Love heals me and Love cleanses my heart.

Whilst courage, decisiveness, confidence and true self-compassion grow as I plant the seeds of Love in the fertile soil of my mind, I weed out anything that holds me back from self-love blossoming forth.

My thoughts and actions are aligned with the energies of Compassion.

I now recognise that everywhere around me Love exists in abundance.  

I put no limit upon my supply of self-love and the presence of Infinite Love throughout my life.

I trust that I am supported by the Love of a benevolent Universe.

I am free to share the gifts of Love deeply with myself and others.  

I am eternally grateful to give and receive the energies of Love.  

The Power of Love is my eternal blessing.

I open wide and love with all my heart, body and soul.  

This Love is mirrored in every interaction throughout my life and each action, thought and interaction is infused with Divine affection.  

I am so happy and grateful.

And So it Is.

Listen to this Affirmative Prayer for Self-love on YouTube

With Infinite love and gratitude for you, Charlotte xx

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