Conscious Living Our Beliefs Matter!

Updated: Feb 15

Hello, beauty,

Today has been a day a day full of beautiful connection, having started off the day rather gently, meditating, dancing and setting intentions for the day. I sat with my morning coffee for some time listening to the quiet sounds around and within me.

I tuned into what was required of me today in my work before setting to it with client calls, scheduling my new yoga teacher training students' study days, and sending off an affirmative prayer for a friend of mine who will be including it in her soon to be published book.

I have a Yoga Nidra recording to do now, once I have uploaded this blog post, then I shall head down to the harbour to sit beside the sea, I'm still not walking far with my foot still knitting itself together, but at least now able to move more freely. This evening I am planning on settling in for a quiet evening in front of the fire with a good book.

How have you spent your day?

Did you begin it with setting intentions for how you would like it to pan out and the energetic state you would like to embrace being in during the day?

I feel that it is vitally important to be intentional about such things, to activate and energise the way we would like things to go, to get clear about what essentially needs to be done and what can be put on the backburner.

And most importantly to get clear about the energetic, emotional state we desire to be in throughout the day, as this impacts the interactions and successes we create for ourselves and others.

This is conscious living.

We get to decide moment by moment, day by day, how we want to show up for life and how we would like life to show up for us by setting intention upon divine mind.

Our thoughts, beliefs and actions matter, they become the life that we live.

If we would like to shift our life to reflect something different what we do today matters.

As we live today is a reflection of how our life will become.

So let us get clear and make conscious choices in preparation to birth a new truth for ourselves.

Let us be willing to engage with the transformative process of conscious living aligning our beliefs and energy, our state with that which we desire to create, receive and offer.

Let us choose love and live life as love. Let us be reminded of this 'All that I give is given to myself' - A Course in Miracles

With Infinite love and gratitude for you,

Charlotte xx

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