Day 125 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I am feeling a little raw and wild today, the call of the great mother is sirening in my heart and womb, she's calling me to rest tenderly at her feet and breathe deeper into my belly.

She's calling me to explore Her, and me, in soulfueld undulating ways, to dance and sound and liberate any energies that are feeling restricted and stagnant, to express a feeling of stuckness that has washed into me.

It feels a little like divine discontent.

I am feeling the space between where I am at with myself and the life I am living, and the life I know is possible.

It's a time to reflect and time divine right action in the direction of my dreams, whilst simultaneously trusting the flow and grace in action.

I feel a little like I am being twisted and stretched and drawn to become more of myself, to step more fully into Priestesshood and greater power and even greater love.

It is a rich space in-between.

A space between what was and who I was and who and what I am in becoming.

Have you experienced this?

Do you recognise Divine Discontent in yourself from time to time?

When I personally feel this way I know it is a time to simplify my life, actions, practices and spend more time in silence, in nature and taking extra gentle care of myself and my primary needs, so that the voice of Spirit, the Divine, my Highest Self can be heard in waves of truth, inspiration and intuition.

And as happens so often today's lesson from the Course is in perfect alignment with where I am at and what I am needing.

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 125, from A Course in Miracles, 'In quiet I receive God's Word today'.

"... let your practising today lift you above the thinking world, and free your vision from the body's eyes. Only be still and listen."

- A Course In Miracles

This evening I shall be spending the time in quietness sitting beside the sea, then cosied up in front of the fire to listen to the inner voice of wisdom, which is indeed the voice of Spirit ready to energise those promptings with clear intention.

With Infinite love for you,

Charlotte xx

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