True Self-Care

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

It's a beautiful sunshiny day, the sun beaming magnificently through the window illuminating the clouds of aromatic beadlets streaming out of my diffuser, coffee sitting in its rich sumptuousness in my favourite cup on the table beside me and the call of seagulls overhead.

I have been dwelling in the space of feeling into what true self-care is today. We hear so much about self-care, especially in women's circles and groups, things like give yourself a gentle candlelit bubble bath, sit with your feet up, get a massage, and all manner of other care rituals. All of these things are great, they are daily luxuries that help us feel more relaxed, tended and sensual, they are the cherry on the cake of TRUE self-care.

Deep and true self-care for me is listening to the whispers, nudges and needs of our soul.

When we are living in alignment, or integrity with soul then we don't need to take so much time out.

As we choose to tune in and hear the calls from within we naturally look after ourselves in greater more loving ways.

We align our work, relationships, purpose, and self, with our Highest Good. We practice divine self-care by being completely ourselves.

As we tune in we become more aware of the times we are out of alignment, not just when we get a huge hit of discord, disruption, pain, fear or loss.

But rather we start to notice our personal nudges, we feel the resistance, immediately. We notice our stomach knotting or the way we start to check out, or argue, or disrupt a situation, or how our heart closes and our shoulders tighten when we are not living in our own lane of truth and integrity.

And most importantly we start to ACT and LIVE from soul, from our own souls' wisdom and its' needs for GENUINE expression.

This to me is true, deeply meaningful self-care.

When we let soul lead we naturally eat better, create more beautiful and loving relationships, we start to do work that lights us up and we naturally follow our own rhythms of rest, play, work, and relate without force or fear.

From this space, we naturally let go of what is now out of alignment for us.

We reside in the abode of Divine LOVE, in Union with the One. We create, live, and express our hearts from this space of connection and unity. We know that we are one with Source, Spirit, the Divine.

We remember who we are in truth and live this joyously, as that truth pours through us, expressed through soul out into the world of infinite possibility.

Our suffering becomes the healed wisdom that shines out of us as we learn, integrate and transform our lessons into purpose, passion and intentional living in service to those around us.

We live life as love, guided by Love and inspired by Grace.

We become Grace in Action.

Sitting in daily in meditation, journaling, praying, affirming, settling into stillness or finding ways that enhance your awareness and being in the zone are worthy and necessary self-care practices we must each do daily to be able to rest with the One and hear the sweet sound of our souls' voice and respond accordingly.

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 124, from A Course in Miracles, 'Let me remember I am one with God'.

"Our shining footprints point the way to truth."

- A Course In Miracles

With love and soul,

Charlotte xx

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