The Practice of Being Grateful

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, my beautiful soul friend,

I am sat here feeling into the day ahead, intent upon having a gentle, restorative and soulful day of connection and beauty.

What intention have you cast upon the day ahead?

I am feeling grateful this day for so many blessings in my life, for the joy of each lived and expressed moment, for all that has come before, the perceived good, bad, ugly, painful, neutral, joyous, wild, creative, dark, buoyant, uncertain, love-filled and passionate moments that have made up the rich tapestry of this life lived through me.

It has for the most part been a wild ride. A journey of self-discovery. A passion-fueled and love rich life of deep soul connection, revelation and expression.

A life that at times has been injected with painful episodes to navigate, heartbreaks and heart wonders, shadow aspects to clear and bring to light, negotiations of self as I have turned more towards Self and periods of hurt and despair.

Isn't it simply glorious that we, as humans, get to explore ourselves, others' and life in so many varied ways - if we so choose!

A numb life has not been a part of my souls' contract, but I have certainly had times where I have jokingly wished I had read the small print on the back page before choosing this particular incarnation!

And yet, as with all richly experienced and soul navigated lives the gifts and jewels that reveal themselves through trying times make the highs and joys of love, openness and wonder at the majesty of it all so incredibly beautiful and liberating.

What are you grateful for today?

Do you have a regular gratitude practice ... or are you in the practice of being grateful?

I love to journal at night before bed, to commit to paper the things I have found inspiring during the day. To write down what I have been most grateful for. Sometimes the things I am most grateful for are the simplest almost unnoticeable things. The tiniest gifts of moments that could be easily overlooked.

The soft smile of a stranger.

The whisps of sea air upon the sands.

The gift of time to look into another's eyes.

The joy of giving, and it being received with love and acceptance.

The soft caress of sunlight through the leaves of a tree.

The joy of sipping clean fresh water, and eating wholesome simple foods.

The feeling of my body moving with ease.

The crisp freshness of clean sheets to slide between.

The gift of technology to be here with you.

The sound of music, and nature and laughter in my ears.

The taste of life upon my lips and the scent of love and joy and the natural world around me.

The knowledge that my children are safe, happy, content and exploring their inner world and outer relationship to the world in meaningful and inspiring ways.

The slosh of bathwater as I enter it.

The call of the wild in my heart.

The list goes on and on.

What are you grateful for today? I would love to know.

You can drop me a line here:

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 123, from A Course in Miracles, 'I thank my Father for His gifts to me'.

"Today in gratitude we lift our hearts above despair."

- A Course In Miracles

With love and deepest gratitude to you,

Charlotte xx

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