Forgiveness Prayer

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty, how are you today?

I am sat on my living room floor in front of a roaring fire, classical music playing in the background as I sip mint tea.

It has been a day of taking gentle inspired action, showing up 'live' for my students on Facebook, writing, editing poems and manifesting my hearts desires. Meditating, journaling and embodying the vibe of that which wants to birth through me.

How have you spent your day so far?

I have been reading A Course in Miracles and we find ourselves revisiting Forgiveness as a practice, act of love and spiritual awakening.

I wrote the following Affirmative Prayer for you, to support you upon the journey of forgiving yourself and others.

May it serve you, and serve us well.

There is One Divine Presence.  The Infinite Spirit that is in, through and around all that exists.

  This one is all Goodness, Truth, Wisdom, Life, Power, Love, Divine Mind. 

It is always with every person, no matter what is going on.

I am totally one with this Presence, this Spirit.  It is my truth of being.  And it is also the truth of all those who are involved in any situations in which forgiveness is necessary. 

It is the truth of all of us who feel wronged in any way.  

I declare that I am ready to forgive those who I feel have done something harmful or hurtful towards me.

I am positively ready and willing to forgive. 

Forgiveness relieves each of us involved in direct and indirect ways of all anger and negativity.

I accept this truth for myself and everyone who now is in the process of being able to forgive.

I give thanks that this is now done perfectly and completely.

Releasing this to Divine Love, which who brings everything into being in the highest and best way for all concerned

I release, I let it go, and declare it done right now!

And so it is

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 122, from A Course in Miracles, 'Forgiveness offers everything I want'.

"Forgiveness .... sparkles on your eyes as you awake, and gives you joy with which to meet the day."

- A Course In Miracles

Sending oodles of love to you,

Charlotte xx

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