Healing The Past

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

I have had such a beautiful day with gorgeous soul friends of mine today, it has been months since we have spent time together in person and so today has been a delight, inspiring, loving and connecting.

We are each of us, in our own unique, and similar ways at transition points in our lives where's are each heeding the call of our souls' desire for fuller expression and what w can do individually and together to be of more service to raising consciousness upon the planet, to live our purpose and be an inspiration to others as we live an inspired life of devotion and reverence for life, life upon earth and to others'.

We discussed some of the difficulties we have had to navigate this far in life, some of which have been similar for the three of us.

For me forgiveness has been one of the most potent transformational practices, to awaken love, joy and acceptance, to come into 'right' relationship with some of the circumstances that have played out in my life, for example, difficulties in relationships, and situations that have been created outwith my control.

But also, forgiving myself for not having always shown up in life as the greatest version of myself, or for having hung on to relationships, aspects of work, and thoughts about situations, or have found myself going around the same life lesson over and over, even when I have known 'better', has been invaluable in supporting me to move forward with ease.

Forgiveness is the key to liberating us from toxicity, negativity and any stuck energy from past events and relationships.

Forgiveness assists us in moving forward again, in clearing the past and creating something new.

Forgiveness allows us to set ourselves and others free.

When we forgive we create space to breathe freely and experience ourselves, others and life in new and deeper connected ways.

We, through forgiveness, set ourselves and others free.

If you find you are holding onto any hurt, unresolved conflict, fear or anger towards someone else or a particular situation, see if you can hold them or it in consciousness and allow your heart open, even the tiniest bit, to see their light, their beauty, their own hurt.

Allow your unconditional acceptance of them to expand and radiate out towards and through them.

Notice what happens within the cells of your own being when you do this.

Breathe deeply and allow forgiveness, the light of love, inform your next steps, thoughts and beliefs.

A Course in Miracles, 'Forgiveness is the key to happiness'.

Below you may watch our Soul Chats and Cacao conversation with my beautiful, powerful and inspiring soul sister, Julie Bale.


Charlotte xx

"Only what you have not given can be lacking in a situation."

- A Course In Miracles

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