Practicing The Art of Letting Go

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

Firstly apologies for not posting this blog yesterday, our internet was intermittently down and therefore I was unable to upload my blog.

Today, it seems a tad steadier, although I've had to wait until now... I am practising the art of letting go, surrendering to each magnificent moment and the Grand Divine unfolding of life without the need to force, push or make it what it isn't in this moment.

The sun, a little like our slippery slidey wifi connection is appearing and disappearing in rapid succession today, one moment appearing in its full glory only to be visibly obscured by the chasing clouds across the sky.

A little like the way our minds work from time to time, beautiful serene, sunny thoughts can be pushed aside, or rather cloud covered, by less than soothing or inspiring thoughts.

Like the weather our thoughts and along with them our emotions tumble and rumble along, changing course, spiralling out into chaos only to return again to indwelling peace and harmony.

Along with these fluctuations in cognitive and emotional weathers our energetic state, our vibe, and capacity changes sometimes at an alarming rate.

This is where our daily spiritual practice supports us, it becomes the foundation for knowing our deepest truths, patterns and beliefs, our soul voice and our needs.

It becomes the place that we may return to daily, like me here with you and this daily blog, to understand ourselves our motivations and patterns more directly and from that place support ourselves in transforming all that has become stuck in habitual patterns of relating with ourselves, others and the world around us.

Our daily sadhana becomes a sacred space to show up and do the work.

When we give ourselves time, each day, to return home to ourselves, to find and learn ourselves, I believe that's are more equipped to show up in the fullness of our souls' expression and become a beacon of light for others.

When we rewild ourselves by developing ourselves as a truer expression of our genuine calling, by casting off old outdated briefs, energising and opening our physical and energetic body, detoxing negativity from our lives, reprogramming our sub-conscious to be more reflective of our forward projection in life, we let loose the familial, social, and race conditioning that dims our light and numbs our lives.

This is 'doing the work', this is showing up for ourselves in deeper and more meaningful ways and engaging wholeheartedly upon our spiritual journey of awakening and souls' expression out into the world.

When we have a foundation of spiritual awareness and have committed to ourselves and our path of awakening, we find ourselves resting in the abode of love.

We rest and resource ourselves from and with the Divine as we open ourselves to be in flow, trust and genuine expression here on the planet.

As the lesson below shows us, we rest in God and know ourselves as God created us.

You may not like the word God, and that's ok, it took me some years to be comfortable with the word God, as it has been loaded with so many ideas, beliefs and outdated ideas of patriarchy to feel a useful or healthful word for many of us.

You could insert other words, for example, the Divine, Love, Universe, Source, Spirit, Nature, One mind, and so on!

"I rest in God today, and let him work in me and through me,

while I rest in Him in quiet and in perfect certainty."

- A Course In Miracles

With Infinite blessings of love,

Charlotte xx

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