Self-enquiry and Daily Sadhana

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

How are you today? I am curious as to how you are feeling in amongst the current global changes we are experiencing?

Do you find yourself adapting according to governmental recommendations and by listening to the truth of your innermost being to guide you with love, acceptance and joy?

I am still gifting myself the time and space to feel into everything deeply, connected to my souls' voice and to allow my foot to heal lovingly and completely before rushing about again as I have a tendency to do.

I personally am not comfortable with lockdown being relaxed in any way, I feel it is WAY too soon, and it alarms me seeing evidence displayed, via news bulletins and social media, of people throwing themselves into situations where there are many people in attendance.

Here in our village, I can feel the nervousness of the locals as we begin to get visitors. It is a beautiful and historical place which attracts visitors from afar. The concern for a sudden influx of visitors, combined with a need for the local businesses to begin to thrive again gives rise to a palpable conflict of interests.

I would love for the next few months to be as quiet and contained as it has been. I feel blessed to live in a bit of a bubble, I work from home, and have done so for many years, I live in amongst stunning countryside, so my needs for deep communion with nature are fulfilled daily, and I can social distance with neighbours at the beach, so it feels easeful and healthy for me so far.

Being naturally introverted and extremely sensitive the quietness suits my nature too.

The difficulty, for me, as a kinesthetic, tactile person, is in not being able to physically embrace loved ones, especially my babies who are still in Thailand, and my mum and dad who live a long way away, with my dad in full shielding due to chronic health issues.

Thankfully I get some of my quota for physical contact fulfilled by my son, Kealan.

So how are you managing?

What practices are you relying on to keep you open and clear and able to navigate the changes with grace?

I am so grateful for my daily sadhana (spiritual practice) which currently includes connecting with you here, via the blog, meditation, dancing, daily explorations in nature, journaling, and yoga nidra.

These practices support me in anchoring to my truth, transforming any negativity, aligning with love, peace and joy.

They help me to ask myself what would love do now?

What is the next best thing to do at this moment?

What is my heart's desire and souls' yearning?

If fear was absent what is important to me now?

"Love has no darkened temples where mysteries are kept obscure and hidden from the sun."

- A Course In Miracles

Some journaling prompts to ask yourself:

What would love have you do today?

What does your deepest hearts desire need to feel safe, secure, open and connected to Truth?

In this moment ONLY what do I need to do now?

Now, if I was to live this day moment by moment what would my life look like now?

How does peace feel to me?

What do joy and happiness feel like in my body?

So much love for you,

Charlotte xx

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