Love and Happiness Prayer

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

Gosh, it's another soggy cold day here in the Highlands, so I am cosied up in front of the fire, resting and feeling spacious.

I've not long come off the weekly Facebook 'live' in our private Yoga Nidra Group. It was lovely and inspiring, as always, to connect with the beautiful participants.

We shared our personal struggles and wins from the week, discussed things related to self-development and spirituality and enjoyed a beautiful meditation practise together ... bliss.

The time in circle together felt loving and generous in terms of connection and sharing vulnerably with one another.

I feel so much joy and happiness facilitating these spaces of connection with others.

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 117, which is a review of two previous lessons from A Course in Miracles, 'God, being Love, is also happiness' And 'I seek but what belongs to me in truth'.

"I choose to entertain no substitutes for love."

- A Course In Miracles

Here is an Affirmative Prayer to inspire love and happiness.

Love the Perfect Wholeness cares for me with infinite tenderness in cooperation with myself.

It harmonises and enlivens all avenues of wellbeing throughout me.

The Universe and I are One.

One being the physical embodiment and manifestation of the other.

I am a temple of this love and accept that as my truth, and the truth of all physical existence.

With the full acceptance of Divine Love comes joy and happiness.

Feeling blessed and wholly supported.

I am grateful.

May this affirmative prayer serve us well today.

With infinite blessings of love,

Charlotte xx

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