Sacred Activism

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, my friend,

How does this find you today?

I am enjoying sitting here with you, as I play with words and meaning and shapeshift along with my emotions.

I have beautiful, soulful music playing, the diffuser wafting tiny pearls of essential oils into the air beside me and the village barely awake beyond.

I woke up early after a disturbed nights sleep, enjoyed a long steamy Epsom salts bath and read my book, meditated and listened to the call of my souls' yearnings for the day.

Now I am sitting here with you, with my foot elevated, wrapped in a cold compress.

How did you start your day?

Did it feel soothing, nurturing and give you space and time you needed to feel and respond to the sound of your souls' voice?

It is, in my opinion, so important to gift ourselves soul time, quality time to feel deeply and experience the fullness of ourselves.

There are so many ways we can set this up for ourselves, and to begin moving, living and expressing from this place of connection to our Highest Self.

When we do this, we come into right relationship with our selves, life as it is ever-evolving and with the Divine.

This is a place of maturity, emotional integrity, inspiration, creativity, Oneness and where we allow the Divine Plan of our lives to unfurl from within our hearts.

It takes courage to hear and then answer the wise and sacred voice from within, which is inspired by our connection to all that is Holy.

This is Sacred Activism, it is where we take action based upon what we know to be true and right for us from this place of deep knowing and integration with our souls' path of becoming.

From this place, our happiness and peace are assured, as we are living with embodied integrity.

It does not mean that life suddenly becomes easier of without conflict, but rather we are more in our power, in flow and aligned with all that we hold dear, sacred and essential for living a life that is absolutely right for us.

It takes casting off the shadows and illusions, the no-longer healthful aspects of our day to day lives that prevent our magnificent unfolding.

It means healing and clearing aspects of our past conditioning that show up and trip us up from time to time.

It means getting clear on our values and purpose for being.

It means, to live in this way, taking radical responsibility for our lives, how we show up and what we co-create.

To make the unconscious conscious.

This brings us to today's lesson, lesson 116, which is a review of two previous lessons from A Course in Miracles, 'God's Will for me is perfect happiness' And 'I share God's Will for happiness for me'.

"Only love is strong because it is undivided."

- A Course In Miracles

What life are you committed to creating for yourself today?

I am committed to unveiling myself, layer by sacred layer.

I am committed to living life as love.

I am committed to shining my light and expressing my truth.

I am committed to being healthy in my body, mind and emotions.

I am committed to ONLY doing work that lights me up and inspires me.

I am committed to creating beautiful, nourishing, inspiring relationships.

I am committed to honouring my souls' expressions, expressing my inherent creativity and living entirely through Her guidance.

I am committed to being in a state of flow, responsive to each unfolding moment.

I am committed to knowing life and all as Sacred, Holy, Whole and Complete.

I would love to know what you are committed to.

With Love,

Charlotte xx

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