Dreams, Desires and Creating a Life YOU Love

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, beauty,

I woke up today with my foot feeling worse than yesterday, after landing strangely on it a few days ago during handstand practice.

So I had a long leisurely bath, meditated and wrapped my foot, rather gingerly in a cold compress.

As the day progressed I realised it needed medical attention, so I am not long home from A&E, where it was x-rayed, and is showing signs of a stress fracture and potential nerve damage.

So I am spending the next little while resting, nurturing myself and feeling what will emerge from this cocooning.

How are you feeling today?

Have you stopped for long enough to feel into this question and ask yourself what you really need right now?

Have you given yourself time to feel your way into your next step, action, time to rest, or create?

I feel that many of us are living life feeling out of tune with our own inner needs and desires. That somehow, we have lost our way and can’t always remember what it is that we love and how to fill ourselves with joy. We have become habituated to serving others' needs before our own to the point that we can't remember who we are in truth. Some days may drone on in a wishy-washy sameness that is without spark, excitement and depth, as we rush through the daily mundane tasks, living our roles as if they are our identity and not really revealing the truth of our unique nature. We suffer immensely for this lack of passion and zest. If you find that to some degree or another you too have fallen into this oh so easy to do state then there is a simple shift that you can do to relight the spark that is you; to begin the important journey back to yourself and a more soulful, authentic way of living and expressing yourself. I promise, just a few minutes a day will make all the difference and everyone around you will benefit too! So, what to do? Write down ten things that make you happy and light you up. Be as creative as you can as you unearth what makes you feel happy, lights you up and invites a feeling of openness.

For example, your list may look like this: A walk amongst nature Dancing Gratitude practice Simple breathing techniques Meditation Writing Painting An essential oil bath Singing Self-massage Gentle yoga Shaking practice Your list may be simple or even full of big wild endeavours, but follow soul first and always, do what lights your innermost up. Now choose one of these off your personalised list - the one that beckons you most. Commit to practising or playing with this every day, for even just 10 mins and notice how you feel. I recommend doing so each morning before you tend to the needs of others and your to-do list. You may need to get up a few minutes earlier to do this, but it will change the trajectory of your day for the better. This is your permission to start acting daily towards what you love. And in doing so, you become more lit up, impassioned, radiant and filled with love as you fill your own cup with soulful living. Notice how this simple act of living through your soul inspires you and how this spills outwards throughout all areas of your life, work and relationships.

"My function here is to forgive the world for all the errors I have made. For thus I am released from them with all the world."

- A Course In Miracles

Do you know what lights YOU up? And are YOU living It?

What is one step you can take today towards your dreams, desires and creating a life you love?

With Love,

Charlotte xx