Soul-fueled Days

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, my friend,

I am sat here in a dreamy state of being, a glass of hot water beside me, the diffuser wafting magical, minuscule beadlets of aromatic beauty into the air, and soft twinkly music in the backdrop of my awareness.

A steady downpour of rain is cloaking everything outside the window in soggy greyness, it feels cocooning and an invitation to go deep within my own psyche, to explore the shadows and reveal them to the light.

It's a prayerful day, a day of reverence, of deep-diving into self and communing with Self.

A gift of a day for silent reverie and spacious introverted explorations.

A feelingly soft day, a blanketed day for soul navigations.

A day to snuggle and be snuggled beside a roaring dancing fire.

A day to move slowly with sensual awareness and a taste of the erotic just coming into view.

A day to play with the senses, to enliven depths of being, tasting, smelling, touching and receiving.

It is a go-slow day, enhanced by having sprained my foot and arriving at a space and time of needing to elevate, rest and soothe the swollen physical mass.

So no practising Pada Bandha for me over the next few days!

How are you spending your day, my fellow traveller upon the spiritual path of awakened living?

Are you gifting yourself moments to simply be?

To breathe?

Rest, play and explore your own inner landscapes?

To know yourself as a Divine Spiritual being having a human experience?

"As a man thinketh, so does he perceive."

- A Course In Miracles

May you, may we, know and live the Truth.

With Love,

Charlotte xx

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