Divine Nature and Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, my beautiful friend,

How does this find you today?

I have been resting in the abode of peace, and eternal love. Spending many hours exploring our local environment, which is so rich in diversity with forest and rolling fields and sea and sandy pebbly shore.

There are hidden caves and magical Dells and flora so pretty in the early morning and late afternoon light, and Dolphins splashing playfully as the tides change, rocks to scramble over, trees to climb and vast spaces to lay and watch beams of unimaginable beauty radiating from the sun, and spaces to rest in dappled shade under trees.

I find being in amongst the majesty of the natural world a spiritual experience of awakening and deepening presence in each explorative moment.

The feeling of the ocean breathing Her way through me stirs my soul reminding me to ebb and flow as deep and far and wide as Her.

And the caress of a warm gentle breeze upon my skin awakens long-forgotten memories of the touch of past lovers.

The ground holding me tenderly to Her womb is a remembrance of the beauty and capacity of my own womb to birth and rebirth and let die away.

And the boulders and stones, breaking down to become a minuscule grain of sand a remembrance of the eternal change we are all a part of, a crumbling away of matter to become one again within the ether.

And as I cast my eyes upon wildlife, insects, birds, fish, mammals, and so many other beautiful creatures it reminds me to shake off and social conditioning, to rewild myself back to how mother nature intended me to be.

As my eyes dance with each spark of fire flashing its way upwards towards the heavens I am reminded to lighten up and burn away all that dulls my shine.

My inner ears attuned to the heartbeat of this flying, spinning orb we call home welcome the sensual awakening of primal sound, the rhythm of our homeland guiding me home to myself.

Do you open yourself daily to connect with beauty, peace and the eternal now?

"I am the home of light and joy and peace."

- A Course In Miracles

May light, joy and peace be our home as it too resides within us this day.


Charlotte xx

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