Relax, Surrender and Recieve Miracles

Updated: Feb 23

Hello, my friend,

It is a beautiful sunny day here in the Highlands, I am sat on my front doorstep like I often do when writing these words.

I have a pot of coffee beside me, my favourite classical music playlist caressing the airwaves around me and the sun beating down upon my wet, now drying hair.

I can feel the presence and strength of the earth beneath me.

SHE feels grounding, nurturing and holding, a presence of being that I may merge with and connect with, in deep and meaningful ways that speak to my heart and womb.

When I relax and surrender with HER there is no need for striving, needs or anything outside of myself or HER, I trust that all is well and everything is working in right divine order.

In this manner, I know that all of my needs are supported, that SHE has my back and provides, with abundant love, the nourishment, nurturance and guidance I need most.

It is a miracle. We are, each of us, a miracle. Life is a miracle.

Let us remember that we cannot see in darkness, that somehow, as we are ready and willing, we need to allow the light of truth to shine within and illuminate the shadows of unclear seeing.

So that we may emit this light of awareness into the world around us, thus changing it in subtle, almost imperceptible ways and also in bold, courageous demonstrations of our new knowing.

"Let the light of holiness and truth light up my mind, and let me see the innocence within."

- A Course In Miracles

May you receive the miracle you most need today, so that you may trust in life and feel the beauty of infinite connection in all ways of love.


Charlotte xx

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