Divine Embodiment

Updated: Feb 24

Hello, my beautiful friend,

How are things with you today?

I had a very gentle start to the morning, sat at the beach with my bare toes in the sand, a pot of coffee beside me and the sound of waves, seagulls, oystercatchers and the breeze caressing me.

It was beautiful. Restful. Enlivening. Calming and Peace-filled.

I stayed for a couple of hours as the sea gently came inshore, washing over rocks and grains of sand, the seaweed picked up and played with upon the crest of each gentle wave.

I could, and still can, feel her swelling and ebbing and flowing in my womb space, eternally one.

Do you have this experience in amongst the natural world?

I felt the power of nature too as I video chatted with my babies (who are still in lockdown in Thailand), as a storm brewed, rumbled and thundered and crashed its bolts of lightning across the sea, as the waves and water swelled and flowed stronger, and as each huge raindrop returned home to its mother ocean, only to rise again by force of precipitation to become raindrops once more.

Isn't it incredibly beautiful to be both the witness and experiencer of life and nature in all of her glory?

To know ourselves as being a part of the Universe in our relative experience and simultaneously know ourselves as the Universe in Ultimate Reality?

We are the drop in the ocean as we are the entire ocean.

We are each blade of grass within the vast expanse of verdant scenery spread at our feet.

We are the clap of thunder and lightning strike of brilliant energy flashing across the sky as we are the vast sky itself.

I absolutely love the feeling of merging with mother nature to be one with her winds and rains and ocean swells and to feel the heat of the sun upon my skin as I turn my face towards Infinite Space and Infinite Potential.

This week I have been feeling a little flat and overwhelmed, whilst simultaneously feeling exceedingly underwhelmed. Tiredness, overload and crashing out the other side of what was an extremely stressful past week has been working its way through me.

This has meant doubling down on my self-care practices, staying offline as much as possible, being immersed in the natural world, practising nourishing self-care practices that help me to feel full of love, radiance and nourishment.

I have had a persistent feeling of wanting to disappear off to a little hut deep in the wilds, and rest there for months, to let everything go and see what conceives, incubates and births through me.

I have had this feeling before in my life, a number of times in fact. It is an indicator that I am feeling stretched, and need to course direct and rest. It shows me when I am ready to release things that no longer serve my Highest Good and come back into alignment with what is my current truth.

Do you ever experience like something this?

A Course in Miracles says this 'I am as God created me'.

This is a good reminder, to remember that we are already perfect, whole and complete, that indeed everything is Perfect, Whole and Complete in All Ways.

If I am as the Divine created, then there is nothing to strive for, nothing that needs be done, apart from, perhaps, the releasing of any veils of separation, and illusion.

"There is no substitute for truth."

- A Course In Miracles

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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