Day 11 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, beauty,

I trust that you are well. I am loving touching base with you daily, like this, even though we may never have met in person.

Isn’t the power of the internet to serve connection across the globe simply amazing!

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 on the rise, and individuals alongside whole communities, are self-isolating, businesses are closing doors, our public services are becoming stretched, countries are closing borders, and we are looking for guidance, connection and support.

Our global family is in crisis and blocked by fear.

It is especially powerful to have a practical, and readily available means of communicating with others right now, right here at our fingertips.

We as a human species naturally gravitate towards one another in community, family and partnership, so it can feel particularly distressing to find ourselves in isolation. Whether that isolation is self-induced physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Perhaps you are experiencing some of this?

And wondering where to turn for solace, support and mental strategies to cope with the onslaught of fear mongering that is plaguing many communities?

What we are facing is a global crisis of epic proportions, but I would urge you to remain open, inspired and to do what you can for our vulnerable members of society.

May we see one another as ourselves, and offer our open hearts, resources and support in the manner we would most ideally like them shared with us.

May we expand beyond this identity of you and me, may the borders of our minds and fears be bust wide open, so that we may hold hands and unite in a common goal of love, understanding and support to our global brothers and sisters.

May we trust one another, and that there are more than enough resources on our stunningly beautiful planet for all, if we are only willing enough to tear down the restrictions of fear and grasping.

“An ‘imprisoned’ mind is not free because it is possessed or held back, by itself.

It is therefore limited.”

- A Course In Miracles

If you have read my earlier blog posts, you will know that my two eldest children and my daughter-in-law are currently travelling the world. Yesterday they managed to leave Europe before it became a complete lock down, and now find themselves in Thailand, where, I suspect they will sit things out for a while.

I am so grateful that through the medium of computer screen I may rest my eyes upon their faces and chat to them, although my mothers’ heart is desperately wanting to sweep them all into my arms; to protect them and hold them close.

I suspect, if you are reading my words, that you will understand why this need feels particularly poignant at the moment.

Thankfully there are no borders to the reach of our hearts and minds, other than what we place upon them, there are no ‘real’ borders at all, only human constructs, which we may choose to buy into or not.

How do you feel about this?

Today I have spent the day leading our yoga teacher training course. We need each other and healthy practices more than ever (there are FREE resources – Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditations, here on my website, for you if you feel the need for grounding and clarity. I am also available for online sessions if that would be beneficial to you).

May you do what it takes to foster calm and resilience and be the light that others may turn to.

Interestingly the lesson I have studied today, Lesson 11 in A Course In Miracles, is this: My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

We tend to believe that we see the world as it is, but I would argue that we see the world as we are. We perceive the world through our own filters.

I f you see and experience fear and disconnection, I would urge you to seek out those things within, to heal them in the light of love and forgiveness.

With my love and compassion for you, and all.

Let us continue to shine and be the love and connection we desperately need.

I love you.

Charlotte xx

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