Meditation as a Game Changer

Updated: Feb 24

Hello, beauty,

I am sat enjoying the quietness of the village around me as I write after having had a restful morning, a morning filled with gentle practices that nourish my body, soul, heart and mind.

One of my morning routine practices today was the Inner Smile meditation to open more ease, grace and energy through my body and heart, it feels delicious in my cells, I was also practising yoga nidra, a beautifully powerful practice for deep rest on all levels of being.

Now, sipping hot water and lemon, listening to classical music and opening myself to the days' activities I am enjoying scattering words across this clean blank page.

I am gearing up for our next Soul Chats and Cacao conversation this afternoon, it will appear on YouTube shortly.

How are you today?

Are you finding time for yourself and for deep rest today?

A Course in Miracles teaches us this 'I rest in God'.

This lesson is guiding us to reside in the wellspring of peace that is available in every moment if we choose to rest our hearts, minds and awareness there.

Through deep communion with the Divine, resting our awareness there as it speaks and moves through us with ease and grace we may hear the inner voice of wisdom, even in the most difficult and challenging times.

This is why our regular, daily meditation practice is so valuable. It allows us to drop into the space within the spaces, to experience grace and open our hearts towards peace and intuitive promptings.

It can take time to access the sweet spot, to be in the zone, but once we have opened that sacred portal within, our lives are never the same again.

We know that all is well with us in the ever-changing flow of life.

We know ourselves as one with that, with the Divine Energies and Infinite Power.

So, if we can do one thing today that I know will be a gamechanger, it is to take up and commit to daily meditation practice.

In timelessness we rest, in this space there is no pain, fear, wanting or clinging. All is as it should be and we are one with That.

This space is infinitely healing on all levels of being.

"The world is born again each time you rest."

- A Course In Miracles

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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