The Gift of Giving and Receiving

Updated: Feb 24

Good morning, beauty,

I am curious to know how things are with you today?

I have spent the morning in gentle embodiment practices, meditating and sat quietly at the harbour with a pot of coffee and my camera.

Now I find myself here with you, the seagulls calling outside the window and the gentle patter of rain upon the window ledge, herbal tea brewing it's enticing aroma in a pretty mug and the sound of my son listening to music as he reads in the background.

It's a peaceful day full of gentleness and quietude.

After I have been here with you, I shall turn my attention to work, audios to upload and record, planning sessions and updating my website.

I am in a transition phase in so many ways, and therefore, desiring more space to gestate, birth and midwife in the new.

It's a feeling, responsive, creative state that feels tender and ripe with possibility and joy, with purpose and adventure.

Are you envisioning and manifesting in anything new in your own life?

I have found myself to be rather tired this past week, allergy season has wiped me out and I was really needing a lot of spaciousness to explore the natural world around me.

So I have enjoyed long leisurely walks and scrambled over beachside rock formations, dolphin watching just minutes away from our house and running through fields so verdant and lush, and sitting upon the sand with my feet immersed in the sea as I have written poetry and dreamt, and felt into the energies around me.

It has been a quiet time of reflection, interspersed with periods of 'doing', meeting work commitments and creative explorations.

A time of deep soul contact.

Have you been giving yourself the gift of time and space to rest, receive and open up towards new possibilities and greater harmony?

'To give and receive are one truth'.

- A Course In Miracles

Giving and receiving are one, they are action and receiving as one Unified gift of love.

As we give or gift and so we receive.

By seeing each of these aspects as one and the same we return to us that's which I gladly give.

Our offering to others and the word is, in fact, an offering unto ourselves.

To everyone I offer quietness.

To everyone, I offer peace of mind.

To everyone I offer gentleness.

To everyone I offer love, knowing that love returneth to me unbound.


Charlotte xx

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