Releasing the Past

Updated: Feb 24

Good morning, beauty,

How are things with you today?

I have just returned from sitting at the harbour, feet dangling barefooted over the water as I enjoyed my morning coffee and a chat with some of the locals.

I am full of seasonal discomfort today, hayfever season has arrived with me, so I am feeling a tad tired and fuzzy-headed, anti-histamines at the ready so that I can navigate today's commitments.

I found myself thinking this morning that I am feeling the need to down sticks, take off and find some white space, to create some physical and mental distance around me, so that I can feel more clearly into what is emerging through me now.

This trail of thought led me down a path of resentment towards the commitments I have over this coming week, even though I LOVE what I do, and how life is evolving right now.

The desire for spaciousness and simplicity, to tend my own hearts inner fire is strong right now, but not actually possible to create in the way I need.

So instead I am resting upon the small moments, the stolen moments and with an awareness of my inner dialogue as I craft creative moments of space amongst the clamouring attention of everything else.

Perhaps you feel this too from time to time. A desire to break free and simply BE?

I find the following affirmative prayer useful when I am ready to move beyond previous conditioning and outmoded beliefs.

May this mind treatment serve you when you are wanting to release old patterns of thought and behaviour, so that you can become renewed and ready to embrace all that you are in becoming.

Simply repeat the following Affirmative Prayer (also known as a Spiritual Mind Treatment).

Affirmative Prayer to Dissolve Old Precedents

There is One Power, One Love, One Infinite Source.

what is true of It is true of me.

I am not lacking or separate from this force for good.

With this in mind, I now declare that I am no longer under the influence of old thought patterns.

I am no longer bound by old precedents.

I am no longer limited by the race consciousness or restricted ideas of anyone else.

I know that any thoughts of limitation are not thoughts of Truth.

They have no power over me.

I command them to leave my consciousness.

I open up to new ideas that come directly from the Infinite Intelligence within me.

I move beyond my previous ideas of limited goodness and abundance and create greater, more expanded avenues through which the Universe may flow.

I am more expressed, more whole in health and vitality, more prosperous and more loving than before.

I give thanks for this increased good in my life and claim it right now.

And so it is.

"Without illusions, there could be no fear, no doubt and no attack."

- A Course In Miracles

What a gift and a joy to reside in a place where illusion has no home, where truth is the lived experience of each and every moment, where we are not deceived by our own thoughts and illusions of separateness and fear.

A place of peace and a habitual connection to Source, our Highest Selves and a moment by moment wakefulness to divine solutions and inspiration.

When we know Truth we know the power of healing and transformation.

Our task is to remember to return to this place within our minds over and over again, to flex the mental and energetic muscles of remembrance.

To AWAKEN our potential and recognise when we come out of balance.

So that we may return to the abode of peace and take the next inspired step upon our journey inspired by love as grace moves through us.


Charlotte xx

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