Creating Space and Stillness Within

Updated: Feb 24

Hello, beautiful,

I am sat here on the front doorstep basking in the sunshine as I scatter these words across this blank page which is teeming with possibility and invitation, I find it such a beautiful process to drop in and feel into what needs to be shared through me and in which way.

Up until this moment, I have had a beautiful, peace-filled morning, delighting in quietness and stillness, in gentle movement and a soft meditative state of being.

The day ahead is full of work, course creation and planning upcoming workshops, so it feels wonderful to be doing so from a full and grateful heart.

This is when we know that our practices are working for us when we feel full to overflowing and able to reside in peace and take the next right steps from an overflowing heart.

Have you spent time in stillness today?

Have you gifted yourself some time for you today, do you have a slot scheduled in for time out with yourself?

When we do this, whether it is through meditation, a gentle walk, dancing, praying, breath-work, journaling or simply in stillness with a delicious cup of tea, we welcome the voice of our Highest Self to be present with us, we can hear the sweet voice of truth emerge through us.

This can be a guiding hand in the dark times, a place to turn to for inner guidance and a away of aligning our life with our deepest desires for the good of all.

So my invitation to you today is to create a space in your life to spend a moment, even just five minutes in meditation and have this as a daily practice. To flex the muscle of going inwards and beginning to open ourselves to hearing the voice of clarity through us.

If you are regularly meditating, do you feel that the particular practice is serving you well in opening yourself to hearing the voice of the divine, your Highest Self?

There are a number of ways that we can practice meditation, it can take time to find the practices that actually work for us, so even if we try meditation and we believe that it doesn't work for us, then it is an invitation to explore various styles of meditation to find a good fit for you.

You can explore:

  • Guided Visualisation

  • Breath Awareness Meditation

  • Walking Meditation

  • Sacred Dance

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Preparing and drinking a cup of tea, cacao or golden milk with reverence.

  • Spontaneous Embodied Movement Practice

Personally, I use a variety of techniques and tools depending upon what I need to do to create balance within myself and my life, as different practices create different effects within our energetic system.

We may be needing to be more directional in life or wish to open to our Feminine Essence, we may be needing gentle nurturing, grounding or holding in life, in which case we will choose our practices wisely.

Let me know if I may support you during this personal exploration.

"Be still today and listen to the truth."

- A Course In Miracles

With gratitude and love,

Charlotte xx

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