The Gift of PEACE

Updated: Feb 24

Hello, beauty,

I am wrapped up here in a big snuggly pashmina, the day is cold and overcast, my heart feels more spacious than yesterday, although still tender in places. I managed to have a much needed long deep sleep last night.

This morning as I awoke gently to the rhythm of the sea upon the shore I allowed my consciousness to swim with it for a while before hopping out of bed to begin the day.

My morning practices were meditation, affirmative prayer and I tended to my favourite Ayurvedic self-care rituals. I have been embodying that which I desire and casting off that which is an energetic tug towards the past.

I believe that our daily practices, habits and beliefs either support or hinder our spiritual growth and souls' expression.

That is why I know that it is imperative that we have a number of tools available to us at all times, so that we may get clear on all levels of being, physically mentally and emotionally and energetically.

When we tend to ourselves in this way, from all avenues, then we have a greater chance of showing up as our best truest selves and creating a life we truly desire.

I also believe that one approach does not suit all. Even for myself my needs are changing and evolving as I am evolving, therefore the tools, support, practices and approach I take with myself is fluid too.

What I do know, however, is this, the more I focus on gratitude, and recognising each moment as a sacred gift, even if it feels heavy and clunky than I am open to the ever-evolving path of feminine embodied spirituality.

I know that I am a Spiritual Being having an embodied experience of life, myself and others.

I may, if I so desire, rest in the spaciousness of this awareness without the need to change anything.

There are times, as we all know and experience, that feels difficult and not so easy to flow through or navigate, especially when it concerns other people and their agendas.

But, to me, there is magic in those moments. These are sacred portals which facilitate the gift of understanding myself on a deeper level, which leads me to recognise the lessons or areas of transformation still to be unlocked within my own psyche, energy field and nervous system.

When we are open to seeing patterns playing out in our lives then we are offered a sacred doorway of transformation. We can choose to step across the threshold into greater intimacy with ourselves, which enables a greater intimacy with others and all of life.

We can move the energy through the sacred container of our body, clearing our nervous system and awakening our fullest potential.

This is Embodied Spiritual Practice.

We may dance, shake, express our anger safely, practice pranayama, meditation, belief change modalities, rest, journal, paint, and open a dialogue with the divine.

We may need trusted friends, coaches and mentors upon the journey, people who can provide a healthful container for exploration, holding and unconditional love as we open up the treasure trove of our inner realms, and provide us a place of safety to courageously meet what lays there within.

What inspires me is knowing that as I go on these deep inner journeys of awakening, that 'doing the work' expresses out in all ways seen and unseen, as we are collectively of One Mind.

As within and so without. As above and so below.

We are one beating heart and one divine mind.

What I do, and how I do it matters.

As I transform myself we are all transformed.

AS I offer myself the sacred gift of transformation, joy and peace, I offer it to you too. To us all.

As I turn within, as I turn to the divine in any given moment, I am open to embracing the gifts of reverential living. The gifts of Unity, Oneness, Joy and Gratitude, of Divine Love and Grace. The gift of PEACE.

When I give from a grateful heart, from an ever-evolving, overflowing wealth of love, it is true giving.

It comes from and returns to Source and therefore can never be depleted.

When I give and gift with my whole heart and soul it is not for something in return, but for the joy of giving something up for the greatest good of another and all.

In this way, I may give of myself in service to all, by doing my inner work and offering the gift through me with love.

I may also in this way be open to truly receiving the sacred gifts form others, from life and from the divine.