Day 104 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello, my beautiful friend,

I am curious as to how you have set yourself up for this day?

I have meditated, had a long leisurely bath, pottered around the house, clearing surfaces, wrapping up a few loose ends and resting in the light of self-awareness.

I have also moved, with embodied spontaneous movement, some very heavy feelings of sadness in the temple of my body. I had some upsetting news this week, which I felt like a blow to the solar plexus, and now, the residual sadness that has followed is being worked through me.

I am using essential oils to calm my nervous system, gentle practices and oodles of self-love, and self-care practices to feel everything fully and allow them to transform with love.

In these gentle, heartful ways I will return softly back to the felt sense of wholeness that I know I am in truth.

When things get tough for you what do you turn to for comfort and to create ease once more?

I find it fascinating how we can live with many varied emotions all at once, so even though I have been feeling very mixed emotions, I am also aware of and experiencing the beauty, magic and joy in every moment, the peace that resides beneath all upsets and the joy of this curious heart of mine that seeks, feels and explores life in all its wonderful textures, colours, layers and hues, as a sacred adventure of soul discovery and expression.

Do you have this sense of the complexity of our innermost sense too?

We are so simple in many ways, and yet infinitely complex and multi-layered in our needs, expressions, soul yearnings, desires and ways of being.

The greatest gift, I believe, is that of truly knowing ourselves, to dig beneath the surface, recognise our triggers, feel our sensitive hearts, create space for healing and transformation and the capacity to be infinitely gentle with ourselves, as we learn to meet our own needs in healthful ways.

In this way we may course adjust our lives any time we need to, we may choose again in any given moment, and begin again. Richer in ourselves for the deep soul contact with gift ourselves.

The gift of peace and joy is ours in EVERY moment if only we are able to make the shift from separateness to connection, to unite with The One.

Today's lesson, lesson 104, from A Course in Miracles, is this 'I seek but what belongs to me in truth'.

With today's lesson comes the invitation to remove all meaningless and self-made gifts to return to the abode of the heart, united in Oneness and Love.

To recognise the timeless gifts of Truth, Love and Peace that are eternally present to us in each moment of our breathed existence. Now our will and Divine Will are one. One within the other and the other beautifully present.

We are the embodiment of the Divine.

The divine is with us as we are within it. There is no separation.

We are everything, all at once, a living, breathing, embodied temple of the divine.

We are a beating heart, a soul, and divine.

"You will first dream of peace, and then awaken to it."

- A Course In Miracles

Sending you oodles of love,

Charlotte xx


 © 2017 by Charlotte Esme Awakening Grace

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