Love Eternally Seeking Love

Updated: Mar 31

Hello, beauty,

It's a soggy grey day here in The Highlands, a day for snuggling beside a roaring fire, eating apple crumble and laughing with loved ones.

A day to dream, to envision life as we desire it and set the magic of manifestation in motion.

A day to find renewal of spirit and a zest for life.

A day to feel awe at the magnificence of the miracle of life.

To recognise each moment as an infinite possibility and a miraculous expression of love eternally seeking love.

A day to ponder ones' true identity and cloak ourselves with Truth.

A time to remember that we are born of love.

A day to find our happiness in the quiet moments, within the intimate moments of knowing ourselves more deeply and to revel in appreciation for all that we have navigated thus far in life.

A day to explore the sacred gateway between that which is worldly and that which is otherworldly.

A day longing for us to bow our heads to the ground and raised our hearts to the Divine.

I feel inspired to share a beautiful poem of love with you today, not of my own writing, but one that has been longing to be shared with you. It comes from Anodea Judith's book Wheels of Life (you may listen below).

With love in my heart for you, for me, for us,

Charlotte xx

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