Day 10 Awakening Grace and Miracles - My Personal Journey with A Course In Miracles

Hello beauty, how are you today?

I have had a wonderful day leading a private 200hr yoga teacher training day, for my fabulous student (note I am writing this in early evening, rather than the morning as is my norm).

There is a real joy in being of service in this way, particularly with women whom I know are on a mission to be of service and take their seat as a leader, ready to create a new paradigm that serves more of us from a platform of love.

My morning began with meditation, a hot water and lemon and a juicy dance around the living room, before showering and dressing for the day. Thankfully I had packed my teaching folders, manuals, mat, zafu, and plenty of snacks etc last night.

I wanted to prepare myself with extra vibrant energy so that I was in a place of overspill, ready to share today’s study material from this place of fulness.

I firmly believe that if we fill our own cup, we can share the overspill of love, joy, knowledge and connection with others without depletion.

What do you do daily to fill yourself up with energy, vitality and inspiration?

If you haven’t yet created the time and space to fill yourself to brimming with vitality, you may find it useful!

It doesn’t need to take long (great news if you find yourself with a very full life), even a few minutes a day to yourself will positively enhance your well-being and the gift of this will pour out onto your loved ones.

For this, especially if we are women, we may need to listen to the inner voice that puts us to the bottom of the list in terms or resources and having our own needs met within our families. I totally get it; it can feel like a major juggle to carve out some time for ourselves.

How many of us have been raised with the idea that it is selfish to take time to simply be, or to commit to a daily practice or morning routine that truly nurtures us?

If we can reframe this idea of lack and suffering to one of self-fulness, we have the opportunity to alter the course of our relationship with ourselves, to offer ourselves the love and respect we crave, and thus guide others to do the same.

From this place of wholeness, we may show up in more meaningful ways to others. It’s a win win situation. Everyone benefits!

It is this same inspiration behind being told to tend to our own oxygen masks first if we encounter difficulties whilst flying. When we place the oxygen mask on ourselves first, we are filled with the energy and resilience to respond to others needs, to be of service, not a drain on the situation.

So, I invite you to examine your thoughts about this …

Do you agree?

Does it still feel selfish, even if intellectually it makes sense?

Are your thoughts true?

Do they mean anything at all, or are they just an outdated model of relating in the world that can shift if we so choose?

“In the presence of knowledge all judgement is automatically suspended, and this is the process that enables recognition to replace perception.”

- A Course In Miracles

Today’s lesson, Lesson 10 of A Course In Miracles is this:

My thoughts do not mean anything.

Is it possible, do you believe, to come back to a beginner’s mind and choose again?

As I was teaching, facilitating and guiding my student today, I kept coming back to this concept and applying it throughout the day.

The way I like to lead these study days is from a place of exploration. We explore the course material, navigate ourselves around it, whilst staying open to all sorts of influences, so that my students may find their own voice and personal expression of yoga.

In working in this manner, I can remain wide open, to learn afresh, to be in a state of beginner’s mind, to absorb the information and practices as if for the first time.

I may discard what came before if it is no longer a fit and begin again.

Are you open to doing this with your own thoughts? Ideas? Beliefs? Theory’s? And ideals?

It is totally fine if not! My current way isn’t the way for everyone.

This was a powerful practice today as I gave myself fully to letting go of how I believed things ‘should’ (there’s a word I am not keen on) be. As my student’s daughter brushed my hair and ran about as we studied, it was a joy and rather more chaotic a day than usual on our training days!

“God knows you only in peace, and this is your reality.”

- A Course In Miracles

If you fancy trying todays lesson from ACIM, it goes like this:

My thought about __________________ does not mean anything.

This will help to release me from all that I now believe.

I would love to know how you get on with this exercise.

May you be the love you seek.

May you respect your needs.

May you fill your cup to overflowing.

May you begin again and again.

With my love for you and yours,

Charlotte xx

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