Affirmative Prayer for My Highest Good

Hello Beauty,

If you find yourself struggling just now, questioning your next steps and how to create a life of meaning you love, then I am certain you will find this Affirmative Prayer of value.

May it serve you well.

With my love,

Charlotte xx

There is only One Power, One Presence, One Life, One Love.

I am One with It and It is at One with Me.

This Power flows and circulates through all Its creation.

This Divine Presence within and throughout all Life, is Infinitely resourced and All Knowing.

This Presence Knows exactly what I need to focus on to find the clarity I desire in my decisions, actions and interactions throughout my life and all choices I must make, and the decisions presented to me.

Nothing is impossible for the Divine Intelligence.

This Eternal Presence knows me deeply, fully and completely, It informs my next steps, as She leads the way within me.

This presence is attuned to my Highest Good, to my innate gifts, talents and capacities and thus, provides adequately for the next steps in my journey and all of my interactions.

Despite how things may seem and the hurt I have felt, I choose to freely allow any lingering un-serving energies connected to me to be dissolved with love and forgiveness by Infinite Source.

So that I may develop myself and my work with confidence and ease, even though difficulties.

I love myself unconditionally and now recognise that I am enough.

Accepting this as truth I am liberated, free, resourced, confident, playful and willing to live my life with love, warmth and integrity, with an open heart and sincerity.

I am open to the boundless source of energy within.

I welcome inspiration and support so that I may balance my own needs and serve others unconditionally.

I release these words to Divine Mind, knowing that I am eternally supported.

Blessing and clearing the pathway Love flows through me, for the Highest Good of myself and the Highest Good of all.

I let go and allow Grace to be with me every step of the way, now and forever more.

And So It Is

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