Stepping over the threshhold

The other day I was zip lining with a friend of mine, it was a day full of laughter and joy. The sun was shining as we whizzed through the canopy of trees over a beautiful gorge in the Highlands.

I was reflecting this morning how terrified of heights I used to be and how stepping over the edge high in the treetops would have been far out of my comfort zone. Now, however, I love exploring my edges, and that incredible feeling of stepping over the edge into a vast unknown.

Over the years my spiritual practice has given me courage to dive into my fears, to let go of what no longer serves me whilst embracing myself in new and evolving ways. By engaging in self-development, oftentimes by myself, sometimes with mentors and always exploring my edges, I have developed more trust and presence. The desire to overcome and experience greater richness in life, to explore my edges and create a life that has meaning to me continues to be a daily practice and a daily lived experience.

All those years ago I faced my fear of heights by falling in love with climbing as a sport, which I did with my daughter.

It was a wonderful way to hone my capacity to be fully present in the moment and trust each step on the route as it revealed itself to me.

To trust that all is well and that there is such a beautiful, magical unfolding that can occur in every moment and that as we surrender to that, we are magnificently held in the arms of love by a Benevolent Universe.

The practice of presence, deep surrender and openess, to this and every moment, is what inspires me. It guides me to live life with grace and ease, even when I am feeling challenged.

Is there anything you are currently working on in life that you may need support in overcoming?

If so please reach out, I love being in a position to hold your hand as you create the life of your dreams, clear what holds you back and become a more courageous, radiant, connected version of yourself.

This is why I now offer private, individualised mentoring.

You can find out more here.

May you too take a step over the edge into your own magnificent unfolding, deep surrender and trust as you create a life of your dreams.

With my love, Charlotte xx

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