Root and Ground Meditation

Here is a beautiful guided meditation for you to experience becoming grounded in your body, connected to the earth and the great mother that sustains all life.

This meditation ios partof our 7-week self-study chakra course.

Close your eyes ... take a beautiful deep breath in and imagine what life would look like if you were feeling rested, well, energised and content.

Would it help YOU if you had a simple daily practice to nourish yourself, to feel more alive, present and embodied?

A delicious practice to come home to yourself, to feel nourished; so that you feel more open and able to do all that you must for yourself and your family?

Perhaps ...

You are craving just a few minutes a day just for you?

You are looking for a simple practice that you can fit easily into your life?

You are tired from all the rushing, tending others needs or perhaps you've been through a tough time and are in need of some tender healing?

You are you craving being more of yourself, to come back home to yourself?

If this speaks to you, we have created simple practices just for you.

These beautiful, simple practices are easy to incorporate into your day, to fill yourself up so that you feel ready to face the world and all that you need to accomplish.

We'd love for you to benefit from this gentle, 7-week, self-study course.

How it works

Once you have signed up you will receive a link each week, via email, to access that weeks course content. The content is available to you for life, so you may practice as and when you like. You will have access to audio practices, journaling prompts and bonus practice at the end of the 7-weeks.

With Love to you, in Grace and Gratitude,

Charlotte xx

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