Beliefs and Creating the Life You Desire

I have been in a deep inner process recently, looking at my life’s choices, what I wish to create next and how I want to show up in the world.

With this inner knowledge I can begin to flush out, detox and clear what no longer serves my new choices and begin again in this moment.

I like to think that with each new inhalation we are born anew and can let fall away that which no longer serves us with the exhalation.

It takes so much courage to do the deep inner work of self-inquiring into our beliefs, our habitual thoughts and how they either liberate or imprison us.

Our beliefs can be held on to so tightly that they prevent us from seeing and knowing the truth. Especially when we experience situations time and again that may, in our present way of thinking, give evidence to our current world model.

It is both powerful and courageous to look at the lifetime of conditioned beliefs we hold and the willingness to see ourselves as the mirror image, and that it is our internal belief patterning that creates the world we occupy.

This is powerful, potent work.

It is ‘doing the work’.

“Our beliefs control our bodies, our minds, and thus our lives...” - Bruce H. Lipton

As our beliefs enable our perceived identity of ourselves, it can be quite a challenge to replace them with beliefs that serve our highest good and the good of all concerned. Of course, we may be fortunate and have some incredible beliefs that are rewarding, life-enhancing and serve us and our communities well.

We are a beautiful complex mix of our past experiences, ideals, beliefs and conditioning and the clearer, upgraded, worked through beliefs in becoming, ready to out-picture in the world we witness and experience.

With this in mind we can understand the complexity and often times difficulty in transforming these outdated beliefs, as this also means letting go of stories that may keep us stuck in the past or in victimhood, the changes may challenge our identity, and how others perceive us to be; essentially we enter a space where we no longer know who we are.

I believe that we have an incredible gift that comes from developing awareness and rewriting our story so that we may live the life we desire.

We get to redefine ourselves over and over in this lifetime.

When we do this our whole paradigm shifts!

“I love what I think, and I'm never tempted to believe it.”

- Byron Katie

I love the work of Byron Katie, do you?

Among many other things, she talks about how we project the unsealed parts of ourselves onto others and our experiences as a form of self-validation.

Only when we are willing to transform ourselves by addressing our internal conflict, stories, beliefs and rigidly held views will our experiences mirror this.

We quite literally become our beliefs.

I experience this myself and witness it when working with the women I have the joy to mentor and serve through bodywork, yoga, energy work and belief change work.

We work to resolve long held, familiar patterns of holding and withholding. Often, just at the moment of breakthrough or release contraction happens, we hang on, perhaps we fear the unknown of letting go, of knowing ourselves differently?

This contraction or holding on recreates that which we desperately wish to release. We fall into habit, after all who would we be without the frozen shoulder, back issues, fertility story, digestive issues and so many other symptoms.

Who would we be, how would we interact with the world?

With others?

What stories would we tell if we were no longer experiencing ourselves as we once had?

It takes courage and determination to do the work of healing, to address our patterns of thinking and living and create with a fresh canvas, a new perspective and grow the life we truly wish.