A Spiritual Treatment to Dissolve Old Precedents

I find the following affirmative prayer useful when I am ready to move beyond previous conditioning and outmoded beliefs.

May this mind treatment serve you when you are wanting to release old patterns of thought and behaviour, so that you can become renewed and ready to embrace all that you are in becoming.

You may find it helpful to commit to a 21 day practice, a s I do.

Simply repeat the following SMT (Spiritual Mind Treatment) each night before bed, soi taht it may percuylate in your sub-conscious mind as you rest for the night.

A Spiritual Treatment to Dissolve Old Precedents

I am no longer under the influence of old thought patterns.

I am no longer bound by old precedents.

I am no longer limited by the race consciousness or restricted ideas of anyone else.

I know that any thoughts of limitation are not thoughts of Truth.

They have no power over me.

I command them to leave my consciousness.

I open up to new ideas that come direct from the Infinite Intelligence within me.

I move beyond my previous ideas of limited goodness and abundance and create greater, more expanded avenues through which the Universe may flow.

I am more expressed, more whole in health and vitality, more prosperous and more loving than before.

I give thanks for this increased good in my life and claim it right now.

All is well.

And so it is.

With my love,

Charlotte xx