What is embodiment and how do we get there?

For me becoming embodied has been a big journey of self-awareness and self-actualisation, it took patience with myself and being willing to ‘feel all the feels’ and get down into my body.

My habitual self was floating around in the universe, totally in awe with the wonder and magic outside of my body! It took some time to realise that the magic is equally as awesome and so valuable right here in my body, as I lovingly say to my yoga teacher training students, within this meat suit that houses my soul and the All That Is.

I believe that embodiment is a must have ‘state’ of being for all, especially facilitators, coaches and healers.

Without being embodied we will struggle to fully connect with all of the energies, emotions, feelings and sensations that make up the fullness and richness; the variety, of experience available to us in a moment by moment to a life well lived.

These experiences, sensations and energies; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual are contained within the physical manifestation of our body, of our earthly presence here and now on this planet.

The physical manifestations of these energies are felt and lived in our body, therefore, our body is both the vehicle and the tool to experience, process and clear these energetic forces for our Highest Good and the good of all.

By becoming and being embodied, we experience and live fully inside the living, breathing body, we fully occupy the physical space our manifest body takes up. We learn, by becoming embodied, to fully feel and live here and now, with all of the sensations that make up our day to day experiences without the need to check out or numb from the experiences we are having.

We live in the body fully by feeling the body fully.

In this manner we learn to not dis-associate, we simply experience the sensations moment by moment, with no judgement to the right or wrongness of it. We accept that it simply is and that we must feel to release and move forward with ease in our lives.

Embodiment = Presence

When we become dis-embodied we disconnect from the sensations and feelings within the body, the felt senses.

We check out, zone out, we numb out, or push harder, we don’t allow ourselves to stop and rest, we prioritise habits that are perhaps not loving or nurturing towards ourselves.

We do this in numerous ways, perhaps by overeating, over working, drinking to excess, numbing on social media, with T.V, we under or over exercise, we engage in toxic relationships and generally avoid the feelings that occupy the space of our body. We all have our go-to drug of choice to facilitate a disembodied state, whether it be in large or small ways, especially if we are sensitive.

In this state we are no longer living life on purpose, we are not fully ourselves.

We are, under prioritising the way we need to show up according to the felt senses, the signals of the body.

By becoming embodied we learn to listen to those signals and occupy the space of the body fully, with presence, love and acceptance.

This is not necessarily an easy process, but it can be done with patience and practice.

Feminine embodiment is always feeling, she feels to flow.

The beauty of becoming embodied is that we feel our YES and our NO, we become clearer, we, in answering the call of those yesses and no’s live life fully engaged, on purpose, we feel and express our truth in the world.

Feminine embodiment is always feeling, she feels to flow.

We all have the feminine aspect within us, for some we identify fully as a feminine Being in a female body, some of us may identify more with the masculine, but no matter what we each have the polarities of the masculine and feminine energies with in us.

Therefore, we all have the capacity and ability to feel and flow.

By tuning into the sensations, the messages and signals of the body and responding appropriately, our experience of ourselves and life shifts in subtle and dynamic ways.

Primordial, internal feelings and sensations connect us to our power in the world: in our body, moment by moment.

By becoming more sensitive in this way we become more intimate with ourselves, the currents of sensation, the energy within and this knowingness moves out into the world in waves, enabling us to live more on purpose, sensitive to the needs of ourselves, and therefore more responsive to our own needs and to others.

Often, you may feel overly sensitive, like there is too much sensory input and awareness, so it all becomes too much and thus we try to dial it down, trying to minimise this sensitive awareness; in truth we become reactive.

Or, we may already be aware that the opposite is true, that we are already ‘too’ contracted, feeling numb and this shows up in our lives; here we are not feeling enough, to open and become more responsive.

Neither of these states feel good or empowered.

In both cases we need a direct, lived experience of the body to feel and experience our truth and take appropriate action.

When our body knows that it has our loving attention, we find that some of these excessive or overwhelming, or perhaps even acutely underwhelming experiences come into balance and we learn to live with empowered sensitivity.

The feminine feeling body is needed in this world; so that we may live and express the change that the planet and we as individuals desperately need.

When we prioritise our own physical, emotional and energetic truth we will show up for our planet with more ease and love and no longer need to strip her bare.

This means healing the traumas we have experienced in life, either small or large upsets or the daily grind of stressors on the nervous system.

For this we enter the temple of the body, to feel the sensory imprints, so that they may release, transform and free us and our energy up, the energy that is our life-force, that has been frozen in time, stuck or over stimulated.

As a human species we tend to avoid discomfort, we try to reject any uncomfortable sensations and experiences and therefore diminish the fullness of our human potential, we become dis-empowered to the point that we no longer feel pleasure and sensuality.

So, let’s go in to the body as the living temple of the Divine; that archive of all our previous experiences, thoughts and actions, let us not make these experiences and sensations good or bad, right or wrong, lets practice loving acceptance and learn to shake it all out of our system, just as a gazelle would in the wild.

Let us express our vulnerability, seek support and be here to hold the hands of others as we grow and evolve together, one feeling, breathing body at a time.

Let us heal, transform and embody, knowing that in doing so we become a greater, more inspiring, radiant version of ourselves and all that we are in becoming.

I promise you it is worth it!

With my love,

Charlotte xx

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