Wisdom for Inner Beauty

When we open ourselves to celebrate our uniqueness as women in this world, when we discover and champion variety amongst ALL women, no longer competing for more or withholding love, we experience life as the embodiment of the Divine, living moment to moment, present, accepting and aware; we radiate a vibration of clarity, beauty, peace and acceptance. We show up fiercly in support of others, knowing our innate value and truth, secure and open to all ...

To support you on this journey:

• Lovingly accept yourself as you are right now in this moment and every moment that follows.

• Be compassionate, kind, loving and considerate.

• Celebrate your uniqueness – find ways to express your authentic self.

• Eat well and healthily, so that your system glows internally, thus, radiating an inner glow.

• Become a beacon for love – both the giving of and opening up to receiving love also.

• Walk in nature as often as possible – absorbing light and beauty with each step; especially walk barefoot so as to absorb the Earths electromagnetic energy and nutrients into your being.

• Exercise a few times per week to gain physical strength and a deepening connectedness with self. Incorporate wholesome activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pilates and Dancing.

• Laugh more; allow it's joyfulness to resonate throughout your being.

• Try to refrain from negative thinking – always follow up a negative thought, word or action with a positive one in its place; sending out positive more powerful energy to help override the negative.

• Keep the home fires burning – avoid boredom … enjoy every moment of every day, no matter what you`re doing!

• Practice gratitude - journal or speak your gratefullness, looking directly into your eyes in a mirror, or out loud on a walk.

• Spend time with women you admire, hug them often, laugh, share your life story openly with them - be vulnerable, be someone they may lean in to and find support there yurself.

May you know and live your beauty in all her expressions.

In Love and radiance, Charlotte xx

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