Be the Light

We have all been through times of hurt and despair, of difficulty and hardship and the loss of hope during our lifetime, whether we have a physical dis-ability, or mental and emotional conditions to overcome or even heartbreak.

Perhaps we are dealing with the results of low level or intense stress playing out in our bodies and relationships, or even PTSD from accident, injury, trauma or events outwith our control.

To some degree or another as humans we suffer in small and untold ways and large and obvious ways.

I believe that with the right support, guidance, a little courage and gentle, yet powerful, practices, along with subtle mindset shifts we may all be the source of our own healing and transformation.

By allowing the body, mind and heart to completely relax we are able to create the optimum conditions for our own transformation; to plant the seed of possibility upon our sub-conscious mind.

Whether we can physically alter our current circumstances or not, we can certainly shift our perspective and beliefs around what is possible for us.

Practicing deep relaxation, meditation and mindset techniques, allows our nervous system to settle, and find greater balance, so that our coping mechanisms may become healthier, our resilience stronger and our idea of ourselves and our capacity to cope, create change and resolve that which dis-ables us becomes more available to us.

By joining together with others, in community, to be true to our deepest selves, and our heartfelt intentions, we have a potent combination of resources and support to become who we were meant to be and shine the light for others.

The tools I particularly love sharing with others are those that have helped me transition through difficult times, and there have been many - as there often are in a life well lived and explored and engaged with healing, self-development, passionate love and clarifying what is to come next.

The techniques that I personally have used when unravelling from divorce, surgery, heartbreak, bankrupcy, the loss of a child in pregnancy, PTSD and the daily stress to my nervous system of coping with hearing impairment. I use a combination of these tools and techniques daily

The tools I favour are breathwork, somatic movement, shaking practice, meditation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), EFT, communing with nature, yoga, journalling, Psych-K and dancing.

Any combination of these techniques are absolutely fantastic for rebalancing the nervous system, healing past hurts and traumas, setting intentions for the forward movement of our lives and and growing as into a more loving, conscious human being.

It doesn't have to complicated or even long sesisons, rather, simple regular practice is the key to our magical unfolding, healing and transformation.

We meet weekly, online, on Wednesday evenings.

With Love,

Charlotte xx