Prayer for Our Enemy

May the power of this prayer serve you in releasing what holds you back and no longer serves your highest good.

(Person’s name)

I know that in my human experience I have blamed you for the pain and hurt I am feeling.

But there is something within me far greater than this pain.

It is the Presence of Divine Love.

I now call upon this Love to wrap Itself gently and tenderly around my heart that I may be healed of all sense of bitterness or resentment towards you.

I pray that you may find the happiness you seek and that the same Presence within you may guide and direct your Life in paths of joy and abundance.

I release you in Love, for Love brings Peace where there has been turmoil.

Understanding where there has been ignorance and Compassion where there has been condemnation.

I bless you (person’s name) and pray that the Divine Plan of your life may unfold for you in all its glory.

And so it is.

Love All Ways,

Charlotte xx

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