Spiritual Mind Treatments for Well-being

Do you ever have those periods in life where no-matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get unstuck in a certain area, like health, abundance, confidence or clarity?

I certainly do!

But thankfully during my Metaphysical training I was taught how to create SMT's to bring about the clarity and change I most desired.

I have been writing Spiritual Mind Treatments prolifically ever since and have most enjoyed creating the many bespoke SMT's for individuals as requested.

If you enjoy the Spiritual Mind Treatments that I share with you from time to time, then you may be happy to know that you can now purchase my eBook 'Spiritual Mind Treatments for Well-being' via my website shop.

I absolutely love these powerful meditation practices, and enjoyed creating this eBook with you in mind.

Whenever I hit a stumbling block in life I choose a relevant Spiritual Mind Treatment and work with it daily, as a 21 day practise; to bring about the clarity, healing and change that I most desire.

I have created 7 Spiritual Mind Treatments for you to read and meditate upon:

Divine Guidance



My Greater Good



Radiant Health

My wish is that you enjoy these SMT's, and that by using them they assist you in creating the love, balance, healing and transformation you crave in your life.

You can purchase the eBook here!

Love All Ways,

Charlotte xx